Dec 9, 19 / Cap 07, 03 12:28 UTC

NOTICE: Forums To Be Closed  

Hello Asgardians!

Please be advised that we are closing the forums on December 15, 2019. If you have any content that you wish to save, please transfer it to our social network either on your personal blog or in the communities.

Thank you very much!

Rebekah Berg

Community Manager

Dec 10, 19 / Cap 08, 03 18:37 UTC


Dec 11, 19 / Cap 09, 03 02:44 UTC

Haha I found the forums 5 days before they are closing 

Dec 11, 19 / Cap 09, 03 04:46 UTC

 lmfao so this is how Asgardia dies, finally. 

they can't get traffic to the forums, cant generate any interest to the idea of asgardia in any way, Bull scat information on the main page of the website, pretend votes  that didn't matter, so now guess what, if you wanted to " run  for office " um how do you do that now ? not on this website an not on this non existent forum.

no more voting on anything

So they realized they are wasting money on keeping the forum up, next it will be they realize they are wasting money keeping the website itself up.

after that,  I imagine igor and his elite government cant afford what ever status they have internationally which requires any kind of fees be it with the United Nations or where ever.

I haven't checked FB, Twitter, Linkedin or instagram but i imagine the traffic to those sites are dismal as well. along with youtube.

 It was an interesting idea, it went to crap very fast and went to worse once they tried to milk money out of people.