Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 23:35 UTC

Piece of code..  

Men has always asked himself who he is and why he is here. Now, i would like to tell a little story that came to my mind now in the middle of the night. Lets suppose there was a previous universe before the big explosion. There could have been a super life form that is perhaps even responsible for this explosion. Lets imagine that the code of this super life form was dispersed across the nearby universe and a very little piece of this code landed  on earth what made humans eventually as a temporary life form. Lets assume that other pieces of code started  different life forms in different parts of the universe. It would not be wrong to look up these other life forms to en-change both our codes. It could also lead to lesser peaceful happenings, but maybe some of us have to take that risk. So maybe this thought could be an explanation to search for other life forms in the universe or maybe it is some kind of weird shortcut in my brain after viewing more then 40 years at SF movies.

Grtz, Dirk.

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Dec 3, 18 / Cap 01, 02 02:30 UTC

I have already thought that our universe

nothing but a computer program is played around.

Do we accept this thought as truth, what opportunities would open up to us?

If the universe is actually a program (or better said, a simulation) then it would be code.

Then the first goal would be to decrypt the code, recognize the syntax.

Furthermore, yes, every program needs an interpreter / compiler ... This would then have to be found.

In addition, it would be important to learn how to be able to feed this compiler with new data (source code) and change the program flow with it.

Of course this is the purest form of fiction ... But, if you think about it, the thought is not so outlandish.

What is physics?

What is chemistry?



Yes, even the cosmos?

Everything unites under the roof of mathematics.

And what is mathematics in the end?

Nothing more than code that can be decrypted.

I see a very exciting approach in both fields of quantum entanglement as well as string theory.

If these two approaches can be put into a theory and then empirically substantiated, I could imagine that we are one step closer to the final answer.