Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 20:11 UTC

Re:Proposal New Citizenship Fee:25 Euro 2019| 50 Euro 2020, 100 Euro 2021+  

Can someone explain to me why founding memebers have to pay the citizens fee? I thought we were exempt? 

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 00:51 UTC

the first 100 thousand founders are exempt from this year's payment, but as the text indicates they must contribute the tax from the following year, many people see it really bad because there is no transparency of spending or services by asgardia.


los primeros 100mil fundadores estan excentos del pago de este año, pero por como indica el texto deberan aportar el impuesto apartir del año siguiente, mucha gente lo ve realmente mal pues no hay transparencia de gasto ni servicios por parte de asgardia

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 12:10 UTC

As a University student, I can sympathize with how big 100 Euros feels. However, 100 Euro is less than 3 Starbucks coffee every month for 12 months. If you break it down, it is feasible.

Ultimately, give what you can if you believe in the mission of Asgardia which is to help shape humanity's endeavors into space. You also have one-year leniency to pay the CF just like you'd pay taxes. In the meantime go out there and volunteer, represent, and keep moving forward.

One Humanity. One Unity.


Toby N

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 14:30 UTC

with all due respect toby do not try to get into a problem that you can not leave, people do not fight for not wanting to support asgardia fight because it is imposing conditions that go against everything that asgardia represents.

would you give money for a business without even knowing what the business is about ?, the way in which asgardia raises things to the community implies that it is a scam, to that add that the tariff as a starting point is poorly implemented, in this post you will see that they propose a gradual rate, it is the same collection but in a way that does not bother people. personally, asgardia is doing its collection campaign very badly and is not taking into account public opinion.

Not all countries are equally rich, 100 euros can be something small for one place and an excessive income in another, I am Mexican and 100 euros are literally a fortnight of work, in some cases up to 3. For other parts are 3 months salary and even more, for some as you say are only a few cafes a month but for others it is all your income, you can not put yourself in plan is the same as spending on cafes x for another can be the bread of every day.


con el debido respeto toby no trates de meterte en un problema del que no podras salir, la gente no pelea por no querer apoyar asgardia pelea por que esta imponiendo condiciones que van en contra de todo lo que asgardia representa.
tu darias dinero para un negocio sin siquiera saber de que se trata el negocio?, la manera en que asgardia plantea las cosas a la comunidad da a entender que sea una estafa, a eso sumale que la tarifa como punto de partida esta mal implementada, en este post veras que proponen una tarifa gradual, es la misma recaudacion pero de una manera que no incomoda a la gente. en lo personal asgardia esta haciendo muy mal su campaña de recaudacion y no esta tomando encuenta la opinion publica.
no todos los paises son igual de ricos, 100 euros puede ser algo pequeño para un lugar y un ingreso excesivo en otro, yo soy mexicano y 100 euros son literalmente una quincena de trabajo, en algunos casos hasta 3.  para otras partes son 3 meses de sueldo e incluso mas, para algunos como tu dices son solo unos cafes al mes pero para otros es todo su ingreso, no puedes ponerte en plan es lo mismo que gasto en x cafes cuando para otra puede ser el pan de cada dia.

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 17:10 UTC

it is quite hilarious they are asking 100 euros to stay a "citizen" yet there is absolutely nothing to asgardia other then this website... this dead forum and a dead facebook page and an equally dead reddit page. I mean really.... what on earth are we supposed to get from paying 100 euros every year?  that is basically my netflix subscription and at least that gives me tangible benefits...this is not a real nation, and will never be recognized by the UN so a passport will never and can never be issued. And people are deluding themselves to ever think this will amount to some scifi-esque space station 

Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 06:03 UTC

 evidently Igor and whom ever else is in his inner circle, threw a half slapped idea together to make money, nothing else.

 I get sick of these supposed mayors or elected officials popping on randomly to make some kind of bs statement as if that helps anything with what is going on in the forum via discussions / complaints. 

now all of a sudden it is give what you can and you spend that much at starbucks a year ? I don't drink starbucks for one. Two I am living in literal poverty, so three, where am i suppose to pull a hundred anything to fund an idea that offers not even a T shirt in return.

 This site / idea is up there with The Mars One Project, the one rich guy who became the first citizen to get a ride into space, that one guy who wanted to build a community known as The Citadel I think it was in Idaho here in the USA, it just a bunch of Dbags, yanking peoples chain, to get a rise out of people. an get some extra money if they can, an get their 15 min of fame.

 Look at how long it took CHINA to get to the moon. Russia and the USA got there like what back in the 50s-60s , No one cares about putting a base on the Moon, for a reason.

Jan 15, 19 / Aqu 15, 03 05:55 UTC

Hector, I see and understand your well-founded frustration. When I talked about cost breakdown, I was directly responding to the idea that 100 euros is unattainable payment. Is it expensive? Of course, in any scenario. However, there are ways of generating funds without breaking the banks of citizens.

For example, just like the original post mentioned, a gradual rise over time. I also advocate for an installment plan instead of only a lump sum payment.

While I see the need for Asgardia to generate funds I must say that the implementation has not been good. A budget should have been passed first before a fee structure. I recognize that the books are in the red, mostly funded by the Head of Nation, Igor Ashurbeyli, which means our current revenue model is not sustainable. However, we must move steadily not merely hastily.

Further, I will use my current tax-exempt period to lobby for my above-mentioned methods while also proposing other means of revenue growth that might support Asgardia's economic growth.

The three vision pillars for Asgardia are: "to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space". I became an Asgardian because I believe that together we can help shape humanity's bold step into the stars. This includes the long term view of inhabiting other astral bodies and space itself while also sharing the legal platform for the exploration of the cosmos.

As Igor said, "Universal space law and astropolitics have to replace the current outdated international space law and geopolitics".


Toby N

One Humanity. One Unity.

Jan 28, 19 / Pis 00, 03 17:07 UTC

sorry i'm using malays spoken.

Pada pendapat saya,sepatutnya perancangan program ini bermula dengan plan perancangan awal dan tidak terlalu tergesa-gesa untuk meminta 25 euro or etc.

kenapa pihak pengasas asgardia tidak membuat sesuatu program asas pada warganegara di setiap negara yang telah berminat untuk menjadi sebahagian "citizen of asgardia"?.maksudnya,setiap negara mempunyai representative" yang dilantik dan melalui itu boleh dirangkakan sesuatu event" bagi tujuan dana asgardia.

Berkenaan bayaran/fee yang dikenakan,pihak asgardia perlu wujud bukti yang kukuh bahawa indentity card tersebut akan diterima oleh pembayar.

Jan 31, 19 / Pis 03, 03 10:30 UTC

The Asgardian Elite have published a budget. Naturally, they are paying themselves a monthly salary. Similarly, they have a generous travel budget. And in related matters, they have decided to move their meetings all around the world, maximising their air miles and accommodation expenses. How many Asgardians traveled to Davos for the WEF? My understanding is it was 7. 7 First class flights and 7 * 5 star accommodation.

As for "maintain access to government services while suspended", there is no way to access government services. I wish to raise a concern via the Asgardian legal system as to the constitutionality of this "Fee", however after being passed from "Citizen Support" to my local mayor, we are no closer to actually getting anything close to contact with someone in the Asgardian Court System. How do I submit to the court that suspending a person's citizenship based upon payment or not of a "Fee" without any form of outcome to the support of the individual is "Elitest". The €100 fee is too high for most people who are interested in this venture, however there is no way to seek dispensation. Therefore, this law is 100% biased against anyone but the rich. As a result, this is no longer a democracy, but rather a plutocracy, powered by earth money and underwritten by the abject greed to the executive council.

As such, will probably have to start legal proceedings in Vienna as this is where Asgardia is truly based. I assume that Vienna was selected because the company register is hidden behind a pay wall, dissuading anyone from looking into the details. I have engaged a lawyer in Vienna and we shall see where this goes.

Alternatively, maybe the Asgardian Elite can short circuit this by simply offering a means testing regime for the citizenship "Fee" to allow people to pay an amount they can afford. Sure, we are a space nation, however that is no excuse for the Asgardian Elite to have their head in the clouds.

Feb 28, 19 / Ari 03, 03 05:25 UTC

...less than 3 Starbucks coffees a month for 12 months...

Some remarks clearly show how the reality of one differs from the reality of others.

100 euros feeds my family for a month, it doesn't cover all our costs but it does take care of our monthly groceries. Even if a Starbucks would exist in my city I would not be able to buy my coffee there. 

If the intention of Asgardia is to become an exclusive organization 100 euro is clearly not a high enough amount but if you want to exclude half the world population or more it's a pretty decent start.

As mentioned by others there are a number of ways in which an internal Asgardian economy can be created, products can be sold (or resold if you buy bulk), the solar can be created and put in use, courses can be offered, numerous other things can be done, all in order to generate revenue for Asgardia. 

But if for some reason Asgardia is forced to demand payment from it's citizens it would be fair practice to adjust amounts to people's income. You could think about a system based on minimum income in country of residence or even based on individual income if people are willing to volunteer some information...

Taxes are, in most societies, a necessity but in a lot of countries low income households or individuals are exempt from paying certain taxes. 

I for one am not able to spare a 100 euros on something that is nothing but a chaotic idea... I buy diapers in bulk, do my groceries at a wholesaler, pay my car maintenance in a dozen terms and are already behind on my utilities bills, where am I supposed to find 100 euros to spare?

If someone would hand me a 100 euros now it would be gone before the day's end and would hardly make a difference in the financial hole I managed to get myself and my family in.

For some Asgardia is not just hoping or dreaming about a better future for humanity and our planet, but for a better personal future...I signed up because it enabled me to fantasize about a brighter future, if not for me than for my kids, and not have to think about some of the daily life sh*t for a few minutes a day while reading through the ideas and hopes of others. 

100 none existing euros just took that away. Thank you Asgardia.

Apr 24, 19 / Gem 02, 03 04:16 UTC

I sort of ditto Stonywillis. I feel the fee is too high, I am interested to see where this goes, and I have paid because I hope to receive a useable as well as internationally recognized passport.