Nov 16, 18 / Sag 12, 02 15:01 UTC

Re:Taxes and Annual Fee  

This development has disgusted me.  I joined a long time ago as i thought the ideas and ideals were absolutlety what the human race needed... now it appears that forms of elitism exist here too. I will renounce my citizenship if I'm forced to pay. 

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Nov 19, 18 / Sag 15, 02 06:09 UTC

 Exactly Dmanic, but no need to worry you dont have to renounce any thing you will just automatically be switched over to a " follower " once they realize they cant get money from you, it is just as i figured going to be a con job on the elite , which i mean fine, if rich people are so stupid as to buy into this crock then let em waste their money. 

When they only have around 300 or so actual " paying residents " they will see that they are a joke.  look at the numbers now, 200,000 some " residents " is going to shrink so so fast, less they decide not to alter the numbers to actually show how many are paying, it would be embarrassing to drop from 200,000 to 300 paying members. 

and one moderator, pandering that everything is going to be fine, doesn't cut the mustard. 

 as for forward thinking, what a joke, you have an elite government, that was elected more than likely through their wallets and not through any kind of vote, that can actually be verified.  Asgardia is scattered across multiple cyber platforms, instead of centralized here on this website, making this forum for the most part dead. An I imagine youtube or facebook, has at best on a good day maybe 100 active users. 

 I am sticking around to keep warning whom ever is left to not waste their money on this. one cube sat in low earth orbit, an a few websites, an some paper work filed with the U.N, doesn't constitute a " society " let alone a nation, and now they want your money, for a " digital id card " and a pat on the back to say congrats you are a " resident " .  Which guess what, means nothing in any court of law, here in the USA or in Europe. An the Crypto currency, is going to be a joke to, a wobbly currency like Bitcoin, with no physical backing, just 1s and 0s , an idiots giving it life, by putting real money into it. Creating an algorythm an calling it currency, doesn't make it real.

Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 16:56 UTC

Goodbye Asgardia.

You dont fool me with "taxes". Not serious. Converted this initiative into a business, as expected.

I hope you do not scam anyone with this.

Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 21:12 UTC

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Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 21:13 UTC

hello my name is thomas

I think the decree number 23 is a mockery of Asgardia's spirit ,we will pay fee for nothing and we have no idea  how our money will  be spended , so many people who were involved in Asgardia and can't pay the fees will be a under citizens. many suporter since the beguining of Asgardia's Projet  as  never joint asgardia for pay fees for no concret benefice .

There's no tangible benefit to being an Asgardian citizen  yet. People will disgusted and will leaves ,and Asgardia will become a empty  internet network  , a dead project  !

I don't know why the parliament  have voted this decree but it's considered by a large part of citizens  as a fraud !

I voted for parliament election but this parliament don't represent my vision of Asgardia .

We have to figthing for the futur of Asgardia against it's own governement  !

Maybe a I will quite I am disgusted

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Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 04:42 UTC

If the parliament of Asgardia want to maintain a modicum of credibility here, I suggest that they withdraw 'Decree 23', and hold a referendum open to all citizens, on whether or not a 'citizenship fee' should be introduced.

Failing that, they are a dictatorship that most people, including myself, will want no part of.

Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 21:26 UTC

The official website doesn't even have a Chinese version...... 

Now,you ask us for money??? 

Are you kidding???


Why not add more zero?Let the zero break through the atmosphere into space,save you much trouble.

ANYWAY ,  I'd NEVER pay it.