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Theme of the Day 15 AUG 2018  

Hello Asgardians!

The Theme of the Day has been posted! It's Blockchain Wednesday! Please find the article below:

Please discuss your thoughts about it below.

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Aug 16, 18 / Lib 04, 02 22:57 UTC

I agree with using renewable energy. Mined crypto is much less prone to hyperinflation than other currencies/cryptocurrencies because the supply is regulated by the production costs and demand. I think that arbitrage solves inefficiencies more effectively than any federal reserve system, but the ideal currency would be backed by real-world resources.

As a Bitcoin Day Trader, I appreciate crypto's speedy transfer-times, low fees, and high transparency. Once the masternodes have processed a transfer, there is mathematical proof that the payment was made. 

I think that anyone planning to invest in crypto should buy at a low price, and try to pay market price or less. Bitcoin will rise past $8000usd/btc if the SEC approves the bitcoin ETF in late September, so the best time to buy is when the price falls below $6000usd/btc. There seems to be strong layers of support and resistance at $6000usd and $9000usd. I say this as someone who has cycled my entire networth into and out of bitcoin three times. Since it is essentially gambling, by betting on the price of one currency vs another, I recommend using the Martingale strategy for buying or selling more as the price rises/falls, and having contingencies for the market crashes that happen routinely. (August 19 update: I agree with this more recent analysis, )

Many banks in Canada and the US also plan to implement their own cryptocurrencies. One problem with bitcoin is the anonymity, which criminals exploit. Banks plan to address this problem. I think the true test of success for any cryptocurrency is whether retail merchants will accept it as payment

In conclusion, keep an eye on the price of bitcoin, and decide on a concrete plan - before investing.

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