Jan 12, 19 / Aqu 12, 03 19:25 UTC

Um what is this about ?  


There is a lot of information missing from this story. 

For starters, w.t.f even happened to warrant an investigation ? Two stupid stuff happens when you hire bozos to operate something that is supposed to be professional. An three, when people do not take Asgardia to be something serious, and in a position of power with in Asgardia, that is when Asgardian rules get broken.

Lastly what ever happened I am 100% positive is unimportant.

Jan 18, 19 / Aqu 18, 03 04:11 UTC

so even though i am still certain this is beyond un important, i gather after the views, no one has fricking clue what it is about either.

Jan 21, 19 / Aqu 21, 03 15:20 UTC

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