Just remembered a thing that happened to me a long time ago. I had a magnet in my pocket and by coincidence i held it in my hand while passing true a safety-gate in a big shop. Can anyone guess what happened?

Well, there where 2 things, first the alarm went of. Second the magnet had a very strong vibrating field around it while being in my hand. It was like you where hanging on electricity (yes, i experienced that more then one time) while not having the negative effect of electrons going true your body.

So in fact i discovered in that way 2 things that i just today made a link to. 

First,.. ever heard of gravitational waves? Well in fact this could be kind of the same. Black-hole's have strong magnetic fields and on the other hand they produce electricity due to their core and layers. So if they go to close to each other they bounce of each other and give out vibrations like i felled in my hand. I would even not be surprised if earthquakes had a link to it.

Second,.. i think we could use this technique to make protective shields against radiations, but i have not enough knowledge about this. If all radiations where waves then we could counter them with vibrations in the opposite way.

Grtz, Dirk.