Jul 13, 18 / Leo 26, 02 14:38 UTC

Voluntary Taxation  

I took a look at this article in the mail online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5886365/Billionaire-swears-head-utopian-space-kingdom.html

and came across this:

"...in the future, Asgardians will all be expected to pay an annual 'citizenship fee' of 100 euros as well as income and business taxes."

But I don't remember coming across this information in the constitution. Taxation is briefly mentioned, and appears to suggest that citizens will be taxed on a voluntary basis, although the language (in English) is a little vague.

Chapter 3, article 9.5:

"Asgardian citizens shall pay voluntarily established taxes and levies in accordance with Asgardia’s laws."

It's possible that the reporter is misinformed. It's equally possible that the reporter heard this from a member of Parliament, or perhaps the Head of Nation himself. Have I missed something, maybe, in a video upload? It's not that I'm adverse to taxation so much as I'm adverse to quietly planning the shape of our Nation without regard for the Democratic process. I believe that Asgardians might vote for taxation applied to those of us who earn a living within the Asgardian economy, a but a yearly fee of 100 Euros? Margaret Thatcher tried a poll tax in the UK. It was her biggest mistake.

I will happily be corrected or reassured by anyone with answers.

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Jul 13, 18 / Leo 26, 02 15:46 UTC

It is possible that it is an intentionally released rumor to check the reaction of Asgardians. I think it is a bad idea. In another thread on this same topic I proposed a lottery as a way to fund the nation initially. 

Transaction fees on the Solar and Lunar are also going to be a good source of income for the nation, so I do not understand this plan for a 100 euro poll tax, unless it is truly a rumor started by journalists.

Jul 13, 18 / Leo 26, 02 16:49 UTC

I proposed some time ago to first look at the localization of the citizens and see at what level the normal monthly income is, and then to use this in a formula for annual contributions.

Jul 14, 18 / Leo 27, 02 19:37 UTC

Any need or attitude or plan to tax its citizens or members stands for a failed state or society :)

Jul 14, 18 / Leo 27, 02 20:06 UTC

How can we go from volunteer work and donations to work and income. If we need to do in between steps then i am all for it because we will not have a self-sustaining nation in 1 2 3. Now what solutions do we have to go fast or not so fast. I think we need some kind of interim bureau who gives out work in pieces and on the other hand insert businesses who need some help that we the citizens can offer. We have 200k citizens who have almost nothing to do, so what can we offer them.

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Jul 15, 18 / Vir 00, 02 13:54 UTC

A flat fee is extraordinarily discriminatory to Asgardians with lower income, and since this Nation has people from all over the world, well, if local assessments can't be practically carried out then I don't see how a flat fee can possibly be fair. 

Nobody has responded to the point about the constitution. I would ask you guys to keep an eye on it. We need to do what we can to make sure Asgardia sticks to it's own laws. 

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Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 19:10 UTC

I would like to see a donation service where you pay Asgardia as much as you believe Asgardia is worth to you if you want. Then lets vote on what we do with the total all receipts should be documented.

Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 19:13 UTC

I propose building a group who will reach out to Asgardians regularly and contact them via their prefered contact method for regular basis  updates and confirmations. This could be like a private message or video chat for each individual or groups to be informed of Asgardia and all the discussions and petitions and videos that are released each week/month.

Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 19:41 UTC

As I suggested in the official discussion thread for Solar and Lunar, I think selling renewable licenses for mining Solar and/or Lunar could rise a lot of cash for Asgardia. 

As Oleg said, proportional taxes are not enforceable (atm), and Richard is right that a flat tax is not fair. So we need a pragmatic solution, and I think selling these mining rights is an idea worth serious consideration.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 13:24 UTC

Each Asgardian should receive an equal amount of our crypto currency for free . then we start trading it on the famous crypto exchanges. so we will start the conversion mechanism. since all of us 250000, then the probability of success in maintaining the exchange rate of our currency is 100%.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 13:43 UTC

and the tax in this crypto currency we have to pay the same for all

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 15:51 UTC

Good point. I think this is the way it is planned. Every Asgardian starts at the same level in Asgardia and we must detach our thinking away from earth in to our space nation Asgardia. The Asgardian bank will do all the money work between earth and our space nation so that we have not to bother with this.
Thanks triple7 for this clear explanation. :-)

Grtz, Dirk.