Hello and welcome to the General Discussion Forum. The General board is intended for discussions on anything related to Asgardia that doesn’t fit anywhere else on the forum. If you create a topic that the staff believe could have been posted elsewhere, then your topic will be automatically moved to the appropriate board. This forum also caters to discussions on general space exploration; if you would like to debate recent developments of the aerospace industry, feel free to do so in this particular board.

Example of topics that belong in General:

  1. Anything strictly related to Asgardia that doesn’t seem appropriate in any other sub-forum (examples might include discussions on the general situation of Asgardia, or questions in regard of something that you don’t deem clear enough as far as Asgardia is concerned).

  2. Any discussion concerning the state of the aerospace industry and space exploration in general that don’t fit in any other sub-forum (examples might include NASA or ESA current/past/future missions, current or past astronauts, philosophical implications of space exploration, and more.)

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