Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 23:06 UTC

Well, no longer citizens. From Main Page  

 So I guess from a legal Asgardian perspective, there are still tech Citizens ... maybe ?

From the main page of this website, as I figured would happen numbers have drastically changed. Not only have the numbers changed, Terminology has now changed. From Citizens and Followers , to, Residents, Suspended and Population.

Really interesting,,, how Asgardia can seperate people in such a manner to thus consider the numbers to be a population.  To me a population is made up of citizens . Most census' that are taken, are taken by those who are citizens of said country.

Now we have gone from Citizens and Followers to Residents and suspended.  It is really embarrassing over all for Asgardia,  the dramatic drop in numbers, and the name changing.   If they really want to stick to a citizenship fee, make it a one time fee only, same as all other countries do for immigrants that migrate and become part of a society from their country of origin to another. A one time Citizenship fee, Then work on creating jobs, THEN COLLECT TAXES FROM THOSE JOBS.  

Stop separating people into categories of suspended and residents,  and the " golden 100,00 ".

And with a one time Citizenship fee, on top of becoming a citizen an getting a crappy plastic card that can't hold any information on it like bank card that has a chip on it, or a scanable bar code, offer other stuff so people feel like they are getting something for their money, a friggin hat, flag, coffee mug. etc, a lil welcome bag of goodies so to speak, along with the plastic worthless id card.

This isn't that flipping hard to figure out or do, but ignorance is bliss I suppose. 

Jan 2, 19 / Aqu 02, 03 05:20 UTC

 here is a kicker, the " residents " number on the main page, dropped by 1,000 resident in just one day today.  from 18k something to 17 k something, I rounded to whole numbers so could of only been a drop by a few hundred but even still I  wonder what what happens when it reaches 1000 an under.

Jan 2, 19 / Aqu 02, 03 18:46 UTC

A population is the number of living things that live together in the same place.  This included  in the case of Asgardia, a digital nation, everyone that signed up to the website.