Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 18:19 UTC

What can I do?  

I whole heartedly believe in Asgardia, as a concept. Which, let's be real, it is at the moment. We need to change this, but this requires action. 

What can we do, other then pay? 

What can I do? 

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 21:15 UTC

what can we do?

A: We can develop projects, look for alternatives so that the nation generates income.

start business as publishers, cafes, shops, etc ...

investigations with indole cintifico

Personally, I am reviving project 01, which is a proposal to create a lunar shipyard, a space station and a series of technological development technologies.


que podemos hacer?
R: podemos desarrollar proyectos, buscar alternativas para que la nacion genere ingresos.
emprender negocios como editoriales, cafeterias, comercios,etc...
investigaciones con indole cintifico
yo en lo personal estoy reanimando el proyecto 01 que es una propuesta para crear un astillero lunar, una estacion espacial y una serie de tecnologias de desarrollo tecnologico

Dec 29, 18 / Cap 27, 02 23:53 UTC

 You can 

A: do not be a fool by paying the " Citizen Fee ".

B: Tell Igor the " Citizen Fee " Is a terrible way to create income. 

C: Demand Transparency on the voting process.

Dec 30, 18 / Cap 28, 02 00:39 UTC

Asgardia is a Space Kingdom

everything here is very centralized and dependent on the decisions of a specific group

so there's not much to do

we can only wait

I wish Asgardia would achieve its goals

Happy New Year for everyone

Dec 31, 18 / Cap 29, 02 13:13 UTC

"we can only wait" 

The problem with society. Inefficient use of time.

lets just hope this doesn't turn into some elaborate money making scheme.