Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 22:58 UTC

When will the Residency Card Arrive?  

I've paid the citizenship fee. The document's page in my account states that once the citizenship fee has been paid, we will be receiving residency cards. Will those be mailed and if so when?

If not, how do we claim these?

Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 18:31 UTC

I think they do not make any real id card or Asgradian Passport yet,

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 05:24 UTC

 It isn't a physical ID Card, it is Digital, why did you waste money on that fee ?

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 14:18 UTC

I understand that it's a digital one. But the verbiage on the page simply states that we "will receive..." It doesn't specify digital or physical.

I posted this in another thread, but it answers your question well: 

  • I didn't see a problem with the fee.

    In the United States, when you move from one State to another, if you want to things to be more convenient for you, you have to establish residency there. This is done through a variety of means:

    You have to either:

    * have a utility bill arrive to your new home in your name
  • * provide proof of your new residence through a rental agreement, lease agreement, or mortgage note
  • * get a new driver's license in your new State
  • * or a combination of the above, depending on the State's rules

All of these will cost money, one way or another. 

Renting or buying a place to live costs you money.

Getting a new driver's license costs you money.

Paying a utility bill costs you money.

Yet, all of these things are voluntary.

Technically, you can live in another state, be a homeless vagabond (there are lots of people who do it) and choose to not do any of the above. Establishing residency is voluntary, but it costs money one way or another to do so. 

As an American, I pay for a passport and a driver's license to help prove both my residency and citizenship.

I see no problem having to pay a fee to get my new residence card in the new nation of Asgardia.

Now, if I never get that residency card -- then I will have a problem. 

I've since learned it's a digital card (which I'm bummed out about it.)

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 05:02 UTC

 I have no problem paying a fee for an I.D card either, that is not what this discussion is about. This discussion is about the Citizenship fee, a mandatory law or decree that states if you do not pay by a certain time frame you are no longer a " citizen " , the verbiage is very convoluted but at some point it does make reference to a dead line. 

IF the Citizenship fee, was instead labeled ,  something like, Attention Citizens, we are preparing I.D Cards, the fee will be 100 dollars in any currency , this I.D card is your official Asgardian ID recognized by the UN. blah blah blah, then fine.

But what is stated is something very convoluted and vague, there is no definition of where the money will be going, to what banking system or what it will be used for. 

If you want I can give you my paypal address, and for 20 u.s.d i'll make a really nice Asgardian I.D card out of some quality paper and even laminate it for ya. Probably can have it done in less than a month and on top of that I can make you a digital Asgardian ID card in photoshop and email it to you for an extra 10 dollars. ( a lil sarcastic i know, but not intended to be mean so please dont take it that way , just making a point )

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 14:47 UTC


I see your point and appreciate the clarification.

I'm in agreement with you on that.

The last several days I've spent reading things on the website, I see several places where best practices in documentation can be implemented, things clarified, tightened up, etc. As a Technical Writer, it bugs me to not be able to fix it.

I've read up on the volunteer opportunities, but I can't devote 5 hours a week to volunteering right now.