Prioritize creation of Education system and curriculum

Total number of votes: 8

75% Yes, good way for start point

25% Could be done in parallel with medium focus

0% No priority at all

Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 13:36 UTC

Educational system and vision  

Good day to all!

As a person from EdTech business and close friend of some Education think tanks, like, I think that one of the key areas of activity we can start already today - is forming instruments and approach to new education system and its targets. With focus on preparing people for tasks of expansion and resource usge of the outer space. 

If successful, such a system  could become desired alternative or add-on for existing schools / post school education for existing countries and could be 'exported', thus further increasing outreach of Asgardia to main population. 

Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 17:36 UTC

@Alexander, While I agree with what you are saying and the need for a good education system. I think the parliament is going to create the education system, What does that mean? I'm not really sure. I do not know what type of system they will choose. I think if you make a suggestion to the powers that be maybe they will listen and look into what you suggest. 

Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 19:52 UTC

Dear @Davedgreat2000, agree. Actually, it is not on the Parliament to decide on the system. I posted it here, in the Gvt section, for them to create a committee of a kind to start discussing and drafting it...

Feb 8, 19 / Pis 11, 03 07:51 UTC

its sad to see that the majority doesnt like what the asgardian government is doing

May 3, 19 / Gem 11, 03 00:39 UTC

It's sad that the majority of the government doesn't seem to understand that the majority of us left don't like what they are doing, and now nontransparent they are doing it. The PR for Asgardia sucks big time, big ball drop from Igor.

I like your idea Alexander, children are supposed to be the future, Igor has said even one of his goals of Asgardia was to witness/be around for the first birth of human in space.

We really need to step up our game as Asgardian Citizens, somehow, I am doing it by posting a lot on this forum a lot lol. But yes we need to have some kind of Education Program for Young Medium and Older!

Keep posting Alexander! Asgardia will hear us!