Aug 26, 18 / Lib 14, 02 19:06 UTC

I wanna be President  

Dear citizenzs, i wanna be the president of asgardia, cause nowdays the whole project is in total stagnation, the current president is too old so sustain asgardia in the state of evolution and development with the first term of keeping the interest to it through the wide masses

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Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 04:31 UTC

Well, presidential election aren't for a few years yet... How old are you?

Sep 19, 18 / Sco 10, 02 01:19 UTC

My friend, please be serious. This is Asgadia. No earthly behaviours in here OK.

Thank you

Sep 19, 18 / Sco 10, 02 22:30 UTC

Riiight! You believe you have the experience, the skills and the ability to create such an influence in 2 years, you can wait for the next 3/4 years the Asgardian citizens would decide if such Level of fate can be given to an impatient individual, good luck with your announcement mate