Aug 22, 18 / Lib 10, 02 16:52 UTC

Why Space _Kingdom_?  

I understand there's some commercial outfit out there calling itself the Space Nation (which makes me mad) but why should we switch to Kingdom? Do we have monarchs? No, we are so far a direct democracy. Why not Space Republic though we are, it's true, not technically a republic but rather a democracy? At least it would reflect somewhat our governmental structure.

Space Kingdom has a sci-fi, fantasy, comic-book ring to it, but it sells this effort short.

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 13:19 UTC

I agree. Kings are also male, so it's really sexist! How about Space Race?

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 19:43 UTC

There is no king in Asgardia, it is a head of nation with a term of 5 years. The name kingdom has more to do from where it has started. Inside Asgardia we call it a nation, a digital nation for the moment.