Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 13:09 UTC

Why is health and medicine in with security?  

I am interested as to why security is under the same "ministry" as health. It seems health and medicine would sit better in science?
After all, medicine is little more than applied biology and psychology.
It seems weird that people running hospitals will also be running the equivalent of the police.
Also the term "health and safety" in the countries I have lived in implies things like rules and regulations in the workplace and building codes etc. not medicine.
I am interested in other's thought on this. Would health be better run by the scientists or the soldiers?

Aug 21, 17 / Lib 09, 01 02:36 UTC

I assume because any sickness could cause a massive outbreak in such close quarters such as a space station, where the air is circulated back over and over. The idea of Health and Safety is also directed towards the workplace and public spaces in my hometown,  and would be fitting in this ministry. However, I don't think that medicine should be, and that Medicine and Welfare should be under the ministry of science.