Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 07:25 UTC

Asgardian History  

As a Historian, I am thinking about the role of the Science of History in Asgardian Nation. History of Earth  is full of conflicts, violence and hatred between nations. But, on the other hand, History is full of fighting for human rights and freedom. Also there is History of Art, that makes people better. 

So, what kind of History is there going to be taught to Asgardians? And moreover, are there  Historians who write down/ write chronicles  about what is happening since 1.0001- Asgardian Date? 

Jul 3, 17 / Leo 16, 01 17:38 UTC

Hi there your point is interesting, do you have any idea about to start?. any draft?...

Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 07:05 UTC

I think that "I need to know past, to develope future". It's important understand what and why something happens. The issue is that the same war or event can be describe from two or more point of view and it is not easy understand which is the "correct" one.

About Asgardian history, It's more easy to take trace of it even without "official" chronicles. On line everything is recorded automatically with foum, sites, video and all other media. 

Jul 31, 17 / Vir 16, 01 19:44 UTC

We all have different views of History, from our respective Home Countries. We learn from the point of view of the Nation we live in. With that being said, I think we may need to start with just a History of the world overview, with sub sections from every Asgardians home Nation 

for example: Asgardian History --> World History Overview --> US History, France, China etc. etc. 

Each country would have there own spot for historical records.

Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 05:12 UTC

Now and the future from now, as Elektra Alexaki has already alluded would be very important to record, but please don't overlook the past  of  good or bad as you also mentioned. I agree also with Davedgreat 2.000. But compilation of History of  the world true ,right ,honest or  straighten one  , would be a monumental job which requires astronomical fund.

Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 04:58 UTC

I would love to be a part of a historical project like this, but it seems it would have to be done on massive scale due to how many nations and cultural identities there are on earth. I would say there should be overall historical topics like military history, state formation, political history, art history, scientific history, cultural history, OR chronologically divided like prehistory, antiquity, classical, medieval, early modern, modern then each nation should have their own records for those subjects. Just a thought :) 

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 14:53 UTC

I have an idea ,I want write  a chronic at the scale of a simple citizen of Asgardia who coment asgardia's evolution with the achievements , fails and limits of the concept of Asgardia . I'll write this maybe on my blog ( I 'll try to write in english but it's not my native language)

May 7, 18 / Gem 15, 02 13:43 UTC

Hi I would like to ask a question since by June the Ministry of Culture would be in full effect, since most of us know these aspects of Culture then we can easily create divisions in the Ministry that deals with History, Arts, Philosophy and other relative options, if we do this, each divisions should be tasked with both keeping records and dealing with those aspects of Asgardia an example being the department of History would have two easy Major classification Pre-Agardia and Pro Asgardia this should allow future historians and readers understand Asgardia's influence in the world both Classifications should have subclasses just like nebula rose mentioned so that it'll provide a set timeline for Asgardia's influence (positive or negative) just an idea though