Jan 7, 18 / Aqu 07, 02 22:21 UTC

Citizen test for apply citizenship asgardia  

We need citizen test for all new apply asgardia citizenship this way can take up our nation civilization keep our nation citizens qualitative  we are legal nation must serious look up and control we citizenship.   Thanks merci 

Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 03:25 UTC

And what would this test be comprised of? Would you pass ? How hard should it be made? I figure 4 years of collage with a degree as well as being a business owner and be willing to help capitalize with substantive liquid assets. Would that be fair or just elitist?

Jan 9, 18 / Aqu 09, 02 08:51 UTC

thats what i thought when i saw it as well Ann

Jul 7, 18 / Leo 20, 02 21:05 UTC

Have same idea


Jul 10, 18 / Leo 23, 02 23:29 UTC

hello where I can find the form to the citizenship application