Aug 9, 18 / Vir 25, 02 23:39 UTC

Re:Floating city-state?  

Seasteading ^^ it's not a bad idea, if you combine it with a floating launch platform you can actually launch from geographically optimum positions, while also making money by for instance launching third party satellites, generating jobs for Asgardians and income for the nation. And perhaps piggyback Asgardian satellites if weight allows.

Aug 10, 18 / Vir 26, 02 05:57 UTC

This has been discussed as an idea for a while now. 

If someone wants to do a proposal and costing, I am sure it will be seriously looked at.

I am also for something like this, a sovereign area on earth.

Aug 11, 18 / Vir 27, 02 11:48 UTC

Seasteading posted the cost of each module of their planned floating city around 15-50 million dollars each depending on the size (I believe one of the modules they were discussing was 50x50 meters another was a hexagon or octagon shape with 25 meter sides). The estimated cost for a small city size came to 150million of up.

Aug 22, 18 / Lib 10, 02 03:37 UTC

Or maybe they lack purpose. If you combine the idea of a floating city state with that of a city state that is also the launching platform for a spacefaring nation you might be able to get the people necessary to make it work. It would serve a dual purpose, other than a launch platform within Asgardians jurisdiction we would have the physical space that can help get us recognized as a nation. ( I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors, it's whisky and coke day ^^)