Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 14:00 UTC


Until now all the people here is free to register as an asgardia nation citizen. Personal experience tell me that all or almost all the nations on this planet ask for a "criminal record paper" and a "birth record" if you want to become citizen of that nation.

Question is we will start to ask the people in the future about this papers, or not?

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 16:05 UTC

Eventually, prudance would suggest that it would be sensible to require such with application for entry.

Quite when this would be I'm absent data required to assess. I'd guess at it first requiring a more solid application procedure combined with defined departmental policies.

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 22:52 UTC

I would hope we tried getting as much information as possible, criminal records, medical records, birthrecords, education papers... as much information as possible.

BUT not using this to deny anyone!

Information can be great for actually helping them become productive Asgardians, knowing their experiences is a good start.

Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 17:07 UTC

At this stage, requiring official papers is a bit far fetched for normal citizens IMHO.

At the very moment Asgardia is accepted as a nation by other nations, the usual "paperworks" are required as with every other nation. Regarding persons involved in actual statebuidling (building/launching/maintaining the first satelite, for example) there is some authentification needed for all business dealings beforehand. All quite reasonable.

Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 03:19 UTC

I'm not sure we should stall any efforts on people becoming citizens of Asgardia. We are still a young nation, and we shouldn't kill our efforts to build ourselves from scratch. I suggest we act based on our situation, rather than expecting everyone to be evil.

If we're to deal with crime, we should have our own laws and find a way to reform criminals, other than jail (or we will be suffering from overpopulation of prisioners).

Whether we have to eject people from our state must be something handled by our courts in the most paper-less and bureaucratic-less way possible (to avoid slow judgements).

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 14:43 UTC

We cant discuss this yet, since asgardia is not an offciall nation we cant have bilateral agreements with other countries to ensure that the asgardian citizens are or not criminals. When that time comes, every asgardian must be reviewed? what happens if an asgardian commit a crime? or a cyber crime?... lots of questions regarding law enforcement, but it all have a relation with the country were that asgardian lives... as long as there isnt a space station for the asgardian people to be called asgardian territory, all asgardians are compelled to the law of their countries.

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Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 20:50 UTC

I am sure there will be some kind of screening process when we begin actually processing formal citizenship applications and granting citizenship. There is going to be a lot of paperwork anyway. I don't see a reason to leave out security vetting. At the very least, we don't want to be accepting people with pending criminal charges, outstanding warrants, or sentences to be served.

Still, I don't see why we should exclude former criminals who have completed their sentences, maybe barring really heinous crimes like terrorism, war crimes, treason, etc.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 05:08 UTC

I believe that we will ask for such papers and believe the time when we start asking for such papers will be when. Asgardia is finally situated in space and people relocate to the space station. Well, as far as the general public goes that is, as for anyone working on the satellite project. I believe they will be vetted before beginning work on the project. Anyway, as far as the general public goes, it would not make sense to ask for official paper work while we are all still planet side. But, given the dangerous nature of the environment of space, there will be a need to take steps to mitigate the possibility of trouble makers finding their way to Asgardia