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Re: Refugees - People on the run from violence, politics, their faith, their economic situation,... -  

Fuel is one of the lowest costs available - despite being the most frequently cited prohibitor. The misconception comes from the fact that increasing weight requires to increase fuel to achieve same effect - which has just increased the weight requiring increase in fuel... It's actually rather cheap to manufacture - what is "expensive" is the thousands of man-hours into a single component of the actual rocket that's only really used once - hence the focus on reusable technology and the facination with the "shuttle" system - even on the more "reusable designs" it's commonly really only the absolute upper part, and then when it comes back it needs to be stripped, and every part tested.

Transport would still be a prohibitor, ofc, but this is something I expect to change over time as we can leverage alternate technologies.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 14:34 UTC

Guys, refugees usually have their transportation paid for by the country that agreed to accept them or the country that hosted their resettlement camp. They don't force them to walk through the wilderness. They take planes, trains, or automobiles.

You're probably thinking of asylees, who have a different legal classification. They're a non-issue for Asgardia precisely because you can't walk to space.

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Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 14:48 UTC

You're probably thinking of asylees, who have a different legal classification. They're a non-issue for Asgardia precisely because you can't walk to space.

Walking to space made me think of this webcomic.

So, yes, I suppose some thought should be considered for people who as asking permission to become a refugee in Asgardia.

Right now, they can just sign up to be citizens. As things get more stringent about who can join (some random point in the future?) it may need to be reconsidered, but right now there are no barriers to citizenship in Asgardia.

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 17:30 UTC

Somewhere in the future: When Asgardia is an international recognized nation, there will be embassies on earth - in every nation that has diplomatic connections to Asgardia. So there is then a physical place for people to go to. It's very limited and completely useless to function as a permanent shelter. As long as we can't bring all Asgardians into space, we surely have no means to bring non-Asgardians into space. So trying to flee to Asgardia is a very shortsighted route to nowhere.

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May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 13:27 UTC

I believe that allowing refugees will somewhere down the line lead to people taking advantage or trying to destroy the nation. Asgardia should help in relocating refugees back to the country of origin or closest option, Asgardia needs to be united with the decision of refugee policy & it needs to be implemented strongly. We can not allow what is happening in Europe at the moment to become part of Asgaridians daily life or expect hard working people to pay for others that wont work, there could be strict rationing & taking in refugees will impact this & Asgardians will suffer, A country should be looking after their own citizens & it should not be up to another country to look after non citizens.

Aug 2, 18 / Vir 18, 02 23:35 UTC

I'm so confused reading these messages.

I became an Asgardian, like all of you, by signing up online. This wonderful idea of a space nation. Not sure I'll see it come to be in my lifetime but he'll, the idea is awesome.

Come in random people with ideas of restrictions, let's not allow refugees, or only in specific cases, or as suggested in other threads by other people:

-Let's have an IQ test for new Asgardians

-Let's limited Chinese, Indians 

-Let's check criminal records

-Let's ban people with the wrong moral values

I'm appalled...not shocked, my opinion of humanity isn't THAT high. But a bunch of people that became Asgardians with the click of a button because they liked an idea (that was not theirs to begin with) just keep jabbering about restrictions and more restrictions for people that did not stumble on to the platform yet...

Go start a restricted space capsule nation somewhere and lock yourself up with all the other intolerants but please for the love of whatever you believe in leave this bs out of Asgardia.