Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 16:44 UTC

Literature of the world for the satelite  


Soon Asgardia will launch our first satelite with our data. I had the idea that we use the space we have to upload things with value for humankind. And I think there a lots of works, that have such a high value, that we need to preserve them in space. Many books and other literature are available under public domain, so there is no problem with any copyright. A site were public domain books can be found is gutenberg.org.

Maybe you have also some literature in mind which has the preserved in space.

My first suggestion would be: Jules Verne - From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon

Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 18:41 UTC

I've been wracking my brain for days about what to include on the satellite.  Being an avid reader and a firm believer that you can learn ANYTHING if you have the right resources; books are the first things that came to mind. It just "which book?" And "why?" So many choices. So many books have made an impact on me, I wouldn't even know where to start.