Dec 16, 17 / Cap 14, 01 15:05 UTC

active or ex military personnel  

Im looking to unite all active or ex militarybpersonnel who are interested in getting together putting their experience together to formulate a viable defence force of a minimum 10000 strength for asgardia starting from scratch we will look at structure , command and control and branches that will work and be able to coincide with nato and un forces as when we get accepted to the un we might need to deploy as un peace keepers etc .........please be anle to verify if asked if you are or were a serving member of a military force

Dec 16, 17 / Cap 14, 01 15:11 UTC

just to start off i am still active and a member of a reconnaissance unit with the irish dedence forces for the last 18 years have multiple missions to the middle east and africa and 2 tours in kosovo i have a rough plan drawn up that we can add and take from or pass ideas around about if you all are interested

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Dec 16, 17 / Cap 14, 01 18:58 UTC

I am interested in joining, 15 years of service as a professional in the Spanish army in elite units such as the legion and the paratrooper brigade and in special forces units of the paratrooper brigade in the CRAV. I have 4 missions in Afghanistan. I'm licensed with honors. I currently live in Mexico.

Dec 16, 17 / Cap 14, 01 20:49 UTC

Welcome and glad to meet you im looking tonget qll the military personnel together so at least if asgardia ever do get land we have a plan put together to prepare and form a defence force

Dec 17, 17 / Cap 15, 01 14:01 UTC

Good luck to the military ambassador!

Jan 5, 18 / Aqu 05, 02 08:27 UTC

Me too retired serviceman from Indian armed forces. 

Jan 14, 18 / Aqu 14, 02 20:11 UTC

Hello guys,

I am a former non commissionned officer from French Army. I have served in a Logistics Regiment for 5 years.

On the shift to defend and to serve.


Jan 16, 18 / Aqu 16, 02 20:55 UTC

I served with HM Armed Forces - Assault Pioneer platoon for 5yrs and now work as a Process Chemist in the pvc industry. I would be interested in embassy security as I believe that is what we would need to focus on once the embassies are established 

Mar 3, 18 / Ari 06, 02 08:09 UTC

Sono disponibile.

Ero istruttore nell’esercito Italiano, arma Alpini.

Mar 9, 18 / Ari 12, 02 13:02 UTC

Mi unisco a voi 

Mar 20, 18 / Ari 23, 02 20:40 UTC

I spent 20 years in the US Air Force and then retired as an E-6. My background is in Communications Systems Analysis and in Databases and Data Mining.
I used to hear comments on a regular basis about how easy we have in the US Military compared to the training and hardships in other country's militaries. I also used to catch hell from other branches of the US military regarding the "Chair Force". And I laughed right along with them. However... My spine is damaged from episodes during my career. The VA considers me disabled. Maybe I am. My brain still functions... Mostly.

BUT! That said, I will endeavour to do what I can for this new country of ours.

Mar 21, 18 / Ari 24, 02 02:50 UTC

I am ex Australian military tri service.mostly army. 16.5 yrs service .Chemical biological radiological decontamination operator .mass casualty evacuations and decontamination area and personel.  worked armoured and choppers. and on ship . Was also Hi risk bomb searcher. Happy to discuss and assist Other like minded asguardians. Special ops support .and instruction my fav. Presently in security industry.    

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Apr 25, 18 / Gem 03, 02 03:10 UTC

Security officer and ex military. USAF security forces (mp) 

I haven't seem much updates on the security of asgardia 

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May 6, 18 / Gem 14, 02 09:47 UTC

I am an ex-military and ex-police officer, I have several courses in those areas, mainly in the areas of crisis and use of lethal force, as well as administration of violence

May 8, 18 / Gem 16, 02 16:19 UTC

Hi Ian,

I am now Retired (after completing 22 years in the British Army) and reached the rank of SNCO.

I have a varied background having served with Multinational Units and have experience of roles such as Infantry, Aviation, Artillery, Armour, Logistics and Headquarters.

Have lots of spare time on my hands and am eager to contribute anything that I am able to.