Should Asgardia have an official service rifle?

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86.1% Yes

13.9% No

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 20:00 UTC

Armoury / Official Service Rifle?  

Has anyone considered what Asgardia''s défense force might carry as their weapon loadout? The reason I ask is because "service rifle" selection is tradition (and/or constitutionally entrenched) in a large number of earth nations.

Mar 2, 17 / Ari 05, 01 06:03 UTC

If we are talking about a weapon for use in a pressurised space habitat, then I would suggest:


Mar 2, 17 / Ari 05, 01 13:55 UTC


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Mar 2, 17 / Ari 05, 01 20:01 UTC

P90 Should have more than enough firepower, unless foam/fluid-armoured targets. Then you're possibly needing something unsafe to fire by hand and difficult to carry. Bullpup would be pretty essential as the number of wide open spaces are likely to be few, with most of the space consumed with corridors and small to medium rooms.

I agree with the Nerf gun. It's the most suitable firearm.

Mar 5, 17 / Ari 08, 01 13:10 UTC

Rifle?, for what?.

Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 20:37 UTC

My own opinions about the rifle. YMMV.

The size of the rifle has to be such that it's lightweight, compact, reliable and accurate. In this regard, I think @EyeR and @Thymeless are right on the money: the bullpup fits the bill perfectly.

Furthermore, I would suggest that the service rifle Asgardia carries should be psychologically intimidating to further dissuade criminals. This doesn't necessarily mean usable rifle features, however (although the PS90 laser sight is intimidating to begin with). For example--dark blue, black and grey have been proven to be psychologically intimidating colours, so the forces could just paint their rifles black and grey. In this way, our defense forces might not even need to fire a shot. If a low-level criminal sees intimidating-looking security/defense/police officers walking around with bullpup rifles, they're definitely going to think twice about breaking the law.

I did have another suggestion, though: why doesn't Asgardia just design it's own damned rifle? ;)


Here's a video of the FN-P90 in action, for fellow gun nuts.

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Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 23:54 UTC

Should look at ballistics tests with level3 bodyarmour.

But still, a nerf gun is sounding far more sensible.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 03:35 UTC

Squirt guns.... Loaded with DMSO and Atropine.

Because DMSO increases the rate of absorption of some compounds through organic tissues, including skin, it is used in some transdermal drug delivery systems.
Atropine delivered in this fashion slows the person down severely, and has the positive side effect of being effective against nerve agents.

I don't care how tough that asshole is, that combo will take down ANYONE.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 04:49 UTC

Sounds like a challenge...

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 19:15 UTC


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Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 01:00 UTC

To assume we've for some reason allowed them close enough to consider using the airlock, they can't just pop it. They've got to pressurise it first. We could just dump their atmos into space.

Opening our inner airlock with negative pressure in the airlock will force pressure past them - it's very likely the square inch of their inner hull to be enough to provide enough force and detach their ship - they're presursing the airlock before an attempt to open the inner airlock. If they intend on survivng or going home.

Even if they somehow manage to get in the airlock - they are contained, compressed. Easily counted by countless non-lethal means. And just as many lethal.

It's very unlikely to require a rifle to defend from "invaders" or from the local populous. Even once mass habitation is viable. Mass habitation being viable will of required much adjustments to many variables. As for the potential of a species of hyper advanced aliens - the energy involved with crossing the vast distaces of space in a reasonable time suggest we should pose no significant resistence to the technological scale of their weaponry, and defences.

Nerf gun all around.

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 13:22 UTC

I agree you need weapons for Defence, but these should be kept secured in an Armoury, and not issued unless required, or for training purposes. As being in Space I would not like someone to be firing putting holes in the station/ship.

In saying that you would still require a standard weapon for the security forces/law Enforcement Officers everyday use. Something that’s not going to do much, if any damage to the surrounding infrastructure, something like a Taser ?

Mar 25, 17 / Tau 00, 01 01:27 UTC

I think rail gun rifles would be a good idea the ammo would be easy and cheap to mass produce

Mar 25, 17 / Tau 00, 01 01:43 UTC


Mar 25, 17 / Tau 00, 01 04:20 UTC

Rail gun rifle??? Where can I get me one of those? LOL!