Aug 26, 17 / Lib 14, 01 22:57 UTC

Asgardian defense force/military  

I think as Asgardian we will need both security and military to our nation for humanity's protection and in future you can't colonize space without boots on the ground to protect not only tech's but scientist in there field for research and I myself would gladly volunteer for either military or security if any one else agrees post here your comments as well if you would rather be military or security for our forming great nation long live asgardia 

Aug 27, 17 / Lib 15, 01 01:06 UTC

I very much agree, and I want to think of ways to defend ourselves with non lethal weapons, even though lethal will be needed in the ground. Trust me friend your going to get one of the anti weapons people in here. But I completely agree, and I think we need a serious training for anything. Who knows what we will come across.

Aug 28, 17 / Lib 16, 01 08:31 UTC

As I believe non lethal is good I think we need to be armed otherwise we might as a nation not be taken seriously we need intensive training both physical and mental so we can overcome what mental boundaries we might face or have to, we have to set a tone and a presence as a nation and let people know we are to defend humanity and earth 

Aug 28, 17 / Lib 16, 01 18:11 UTC

That's exactly what I think

Sep 10, 17 / Sco 01, 01 21:31 UTC

I also agree with this I served in the us army and honestly it's a good thing to extend an olive branch in one hand but be prepared fotlr the worst and also you may need a gunner on an orbital platform in case of a collision course with an foreign object in space 

Sep 24, 17 / Sco 15, 01 01:12 UTC

I agree we need a army and I shal to say that our weapons shal to be more lethal than of the our enemys , and here I sahl to say that I 'd to asign with the Asgardia Army .

May 28, 18 / Can 08, 02 19:41 UTC

we can have a Navy ... the sea its international

May 28, 18 / Can 08, 02 20:53 UTC

I Hope That, @AdrianAvram , Navy is cool, I Always wanted to be In Navy, I Always wanted to be a solider and defend and protect people, I think as a earth protector Asgardia must have defence force, I'm Very agree if Asgardia want to have navy. I'm here to serve. 👍✌

Aug 4, 18 / Vir 20, 02 11:49 UTC

I think a lot of people here misunderstand how a military would fit in to the Asgardian dream.  Firstly, we have to stop getting ahead of ourselves and deal with the hear and now.  We are not in space, there are no orbital platforms, no space navy or anything of the sort.  As it currently stands, the funds are not there for those things and neither is the tech.  We have to solve those problems first before our grand dream can become a reality.

Aug 27, 18 / Lib 15, 02 11:09 UTC

I completely agree with you. Defense and everything related to it, it’s of upmost importance for every project, research and well-being of Asgardia.

I would be more than Glad to volunteer for any position related to security/defense.

Hopefully, there will be some opportunities related to this field in the future. 

Jan 6, 19 / Aqu 06, 03 01:57 UTC

I agree asgardia would need a military and police force if you would and I think that they should always be armed maybe the military more then the police but I think they would need to be armed with lethal weapons just like modern guns or maybe more advanced (it will be on a science and exploration vessel) so that if there was a situation that required lethal means they wouldn’t have to wait for backup. And I hate to be that guy but just like the phasers in Star Trek maybe Asgardia could have a weapon specially made to act as lethal and non lethal option using different modes.

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Sep 1, 19 / Lib 20, 03 19:21 UTC

I have been a security guard in regards to physical and asset security to include bar bouncer/ID checking, guarding buildings and assets, sporting events and concerts, hazardous termination (securing premises and protecting employees of a company that released one of their own from the company, with regards to fired/let go employee having hostile behavior due to newly released status), protective security support for sports teams or local/state government officials. I have also done security in the cannabis industry to include guarding of dispensaries, grow houses, labs, and events, as well as money transport.

I also have a military background in the US Army, been in 10 years so far, and I have contracted overseas.

I agree with @Gladlin , we do not have any orbital platforms or off-world bases yet, but as a newly-formed nation, we still require a standing military to protect Asgardia. Given that we do not have physical borders, I guess our jurisdiction extends all across the globe, and we aren't bound by any one nation's laws, so my guess would be international litigation? But on a national and state level, we do have to abide by the laws of our resident country---so far ;)

But yes, as a nation, we *do* need a military/security/police force, because without one to enforce the laws of our nation and protect our citizens and government, there would be room for a foreign force to attack us.

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