May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 19:32 UTC

Re: Experience of asgardianing in military and security  

okay so if there is gonna be security should we make sure they pretty much super well trained? Because I put some thought in and wow standard security training won't help is unless its like police and we will have 1 force. So we need to think of how we will train everyone

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 20:18 UTC

I'm here for this comrade... ;-)

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 23:35 UTC

What kind of training should our security train for? Branches and types. How we should train them, and also how to handle situations

May 26, 17 / Can 06, 01 11:49 UTC

I wish one of asgardia moderators or Responsibles made the real topic for asgardia security force or answer the questions about this here because,

we need to Seriousley discuss about this and I'd like and want to joined you for discuss about this situations like Boonejohn97 said,

can we get some help from anyone have expertise and experience about this and be in the forces before or already have, anyone have experience training about and be in the military forces, armys or navy, police and... thankful if anyone can help and answers about this. :-)

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May 27, 17 / Can 07, 01 00:52 UTC

make our security force to be recen with if anyone decides to invade and get on and want to harm us

May 27, 17 / Can 07, 01 04:31 UTC

If it happens I can't wait to work with all fellow soldiers, including fatemeh :)

May 27, 17 / Can 07, 01 09:32 UTC

thank you, Me too my dear friend @boonejohn97, have no idea i can't wait for it if this gonna be real...

i want to be your real comrade as a solider or let's say security forces team, Mate... ;-)

Jun 3, 17 / Can 14, 01 10:30 UTC

5 years in the Polish Navy as a bosman. Currently working in a security company.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 11:27 UTC

I think we need a spy ;)

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 18:07 UTC

Not a vet, but I am a military historian, so I guess I can write it all down.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 19:51 UTC

Thank you @fatemeh you are my first comrade in asgardia, can't wait to meet ya, to the rest of ya. Are we conrades? I'd love to have many to rely on and bond with

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 22:55 UTC

thanks to you my friend, you made me happy with your beautiful words, you are my first comrade too and I can't wait for meet you too, 

if this gonna be real we're be the best asgardian soliders in the security force and I've got your back, (all asgardian either including my comrades),

We are here for this, right,

protect and defend our nation, our people, our asgardia,

I'm proud to be here and serve on this job, this is my dream job to be a solider and help and protect people, it's an honor to me,

love you'll... asgardian solider. :-)

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Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 01:54 UTC

I have 10 years of security experience. About half of it is contract, but the last 5 years have been in private/corporate.

I'd say the first thing to do is to split this group into 2 groups. Military and Security. Some of us would be great in one area, but terrible in the other. I think there should be a distinction. Sort of like military and police. Ultimately both sides should be highly trained (not to begin with, but sort of like a boot camp). If we are looking for this to be a non-violent nation then there are ways I think this could be done. First off any military will need standard training (which violence cannot be avoided). The security side of things should be trained in things like self-defense and situation diffusion. 

Just a couple thoughts from one man.