Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 22:53 UTC

Re: Experience of asgardianing in military and security  

Update: I have been discharged from active service in the US Army after completing my 6 years contract.

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 02:09 UTC

Military experience from Swedish Armed Forces, degree in risk management and Crisis management. Worked worldwide as a Security consultant in mining and oil/gas. Have experience in working with health and safety as well.

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 14:14 UTC

Greeting Asgardia, I have not experience but i'm so want to learn about it, if asgardia be a real nation, I hope soon, I want to join with you, I want to join to asgardia military, First, protect our nation from enemys, Second, protect earth and humanity from dangerous things from the space, Let's build a nation, One humanity, one unity, one asgardia. With love and respect.

Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 12:24 UTC

3 years (and counting) in the Israeli Defense Forces, actually Rav Samal (first sergeant - NATO OR-7) in 8200, commando intelligence unit operating on the ground and on the cyberspace. Served 6 months as tsanranim (parachutist) and been in one war (Tzuk Eitan, Operation Protective Edge) during summer 2014.

Been recommended by the commander of Pikud haoref (Home Front Command) for management of crisis during terrorist attacks and natural incidents. Graduated (during my service) in "Terrorism & Anti-Terrorism operations", "Crisis Understanding & Management", "Warfare Information Security", "Advanced cryptography", "Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence".

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Feb 23, 17 / Pis 26, 01 01:26 UTC

I had no idea how many military veterans were on here I am shocked. Maybe because this is towards the bottom. I'm an Army war veteran myself.

May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 10:56 UTC

4 years US infantry.

May 11, 17 / Gem 19, 01 00:15 UTC

3 years U S Army as a mechanic. 12years as a mechanic on top of that. 1 year combat  veteran.

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May 12, 17 / Gem 20, 01 20:30 UTC

Hello. I spent four years in the USMC from 1987-1991 in anti-tank assault. Coached on the rifle range for a few months.

I agree with DVK9 in that our ground combat skills may not be what are eventually needed in a peaceful space station. However, policing is needed and some kind of defensive military posture is a good idea. I don't think it is too soon to start getting the bare bones together as ianhackett has suggested. The main concerns are hierarchy and protocol. I think there ought to be a separation from defensive forces and policing forces. Should every citizen have basic defensive training? Might need a new thread.

May 19, 17 / Gem 27, 01 19:36 UTC

I saw the topic and wanted to join in because I plan on joining the US navy swcc. Security will be needed to ensure our people even if no one does mess with us, and people will mess with us. We can be prepared. Anyone else think should go through at least 4 years of earth military service to go higher into the security force?

May 19, 17 / Gem 27, 01 22:47 UTC

I have the same think with you Boonejohn97,

we should prepared, but I think asgardia suppose to voting first about Security services for example, asgardian's need and want choose which one of this sections?

think earth need our (Asgardia) protection, then you choose which one of this, because this is should be our aim, in fact, protect earth.

dear asgardians you choose which one of this protection service?

1.Asgardia Army 

2.asgardia military

3.Asgardia peacekeepers

4.asgardian police

5.asgardia security force

*6.asgardia (Earth or planet or galaxy) guardian's.  *(just an idea)

*My choice (1 or 2).

and then Registration volunteers for one of this, then maybe take a few years because we need a place for training center Base or buildings, camp's or something like that for this, it can be a ship too like United states navy or marine, they have best training bases with buildings and camp's in the world.maybe We can also take their help, they have the best and powerful army, military, navy, marine and... in the world.

I'm always in here for this, the only job and duty i love and i want in my whole life be a solider and protect the people i love in world, especially Asgardia and the country i love most (united states),

share your thoughts guy's,

with love... asgardian solider... :-)

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May 20, 17 / Can 00, 01 02:52 UTC

It will have to be security, they don't plan for a military. Sadly but understandable 

May 20, 17 / Can 00, 01 09:34 UTC

really, I'm sad now but understand that,

anyway I'm in security force too, of course if it gonna real, I'm here for this,

have a great weekend. :-)

May 20, 17 / Can 00, 01 20:39 UTC

You too comrade

May 20, 17 / Can 00, 01 20:39 UTC

You too comrade

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 12:13 UTC

Thank you, Comrade... ;-)