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Re: How to set up the asgardia military  

There is always going to be things that need doing. There's always people that want to do things - a lot of times these can be made to align quite suitably. With a wide enough pool of individuals, in theory at least it'll end up with an overflow of people that would choose to do every task that needs doing. Even across a sprawling collection of superstructures you don't need a military for this - just decent management software.

Reality doesn't make many compromises - but luckily, reality is something you can change. With a little effort, in an appreciable direction.

There will be mundane tasks. Most can be automated. That's now, before any advancements due in the window of now and when we'd actually be able to have any facilites. For the likes of cleaning - capitalise on folks with OCD's. For maintainence on the life support systems, someone interested in HVAC engineering might be difficult to keep away from it with a screwdriver... What motivates people isn't their government, and certainly not their military. What motivates them is their interests. Their dreams. Their passions. And across a wide enough pool, these interests - pursuing these passions - provide for almost anything imaginable. All you have to do is not stand in their way.

Lots of people with nothing to do is happening regardless of any Asgardian initative. This is why so many countries are currently playing with concepts like UBI. No-one is going to have a job in twenty years time - but if they don't buy things then the facil economic model implodes. What makes you think suddenly not wasting 75% of their lives on trying to make someone just that little bit "richer" equates to these people will have nothing to do? Even more disturbingly, why does this worry you? Lets say you woke up tomorrow and wasn't required to whore your time and or skills in order to "get by". Would you sit and stare at the wall or would you do something? I'd like to think you'd do something. I know I would. Quite what you'd do would likely depend on your interests. Your passions. You suddenly have as much time as you'd like to persue these. This is ultimately what provides the motivations.

"demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space" is indeed a statement of intent, an idea. But there's no reason why this should also not be a fact. Certainly, without any effort towards making it happen it likely wont. Definitely, of higher importance about now would be formal specification and enactment of "government" - something we have need of a lot sooner than a lot of other topics(Possibly higher than that would be constitution). The creation of this is under our control, now - or at least this was my impression. True, about now this results in theoretical models over which we argue and refine. Sure, there's no assurances this model will be implimented. But should it attract sufficient popularity I see no reason why it should not. If the model doesn't gain popularity, then it's not what the people wanted to be doing anyway. The act of contribution is helping shape things. Or, should be.

As to "functions" - would you have anything specific in mind? There's a list of things suggested held: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/feedback-11/topic/forum-feedbacksuggestions-list-322/ whilst https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/feedback-11/topic/changes-in-the-pipeline-777/ are the things currently "in progress". Note the date.

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pienso que primero se debería tener un pedazo de tierra donde se pueda asentar una pequeña ciudad que sea utilizable como base y centro de de operaciones en la cual se reúnan los lideres para la organización de nuestra nación. se reúnan a ciudadanos para capasitarlos en diferentes areas, y como toda instalacion nesecita de personal para el mantenimiento de su infraestructura se reclutarian ciudadanos asgarnios por periodos de tienpos pre establesidos, y para el caso de el mantenimiento del personal se harian centros turísticos con toda su infraestructuras para que los demás ciudadanos podamos visitar, ya sea por turismo, descanso, capacitación, o lo que se de, pagando por su estadía para que ese ingreso económico se revierta en el personal y mantenimiento de instalaciones

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The headache with that would be actually acquiring the land. I think it's reasonably safe to eliminate a charitable donation from the list of possibilities. To find somewhere willing to sell something that would be suitable for purpose I think to be most unlikley, but if it does happen it's certainly not cheap. Possibly cheaper to construct our own island in international waters - and that's not going to be cheap either, rediculous cost attached to building even a small island - especially in deep water. Just finding this money will be a headache. Then there's the cost to the construction of the "city", the raw materials and the labour. The planning behind the supporting infrastructure and the cost of it's execution. Building a city is one thing, but if you want that to work, you want that to last, there's a lot more you need to do - a lot of it first. It's not quite just building one building next to another. All in the end figure is something difficult to make happen even utilising several methods to make happen - within any acceptable timeframe(ie: less than ten generations, assuming the requirement to build land to build on). It wouldn't be the most productive use of our time or resources. Not right now.

Also, having borders with easy access at this stage is incredibly difficult to be defending. Internal to another countries borders just effectively creates a security risk for both parties.

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For land or space and or for both? This is where it can be complicated and complex. The outer space treaty prevents military while on land there can be one.

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There can, in theory be a land-based military. As you accurately noted, the outer space treaty forbids such - and even if we was to not sign it, the founding ethic of "a demiliterised free base of scientific knowlege in space" suggests it not happen regardless. I do agree that having land without an active military presence is possibly unwise, but also think placing an Asgardian armed force onto the surface of the Earth isn't a particularly good start with aims of promoting long term peace. It's a lot harder to have a war with nothing to fight.

Land itself, as previously mentioned, is most unfefasible, at least in the short term. Either buying or building something of suitable capacity for everyone, then setting things up for it to sensibly operate and then maintaining the operation of said will be most crippling. Even if you would entertain the notions of some others and doing a similar thing but on a much smaller scale - only accounting for 200 of our 170k population, and assuredly to scale to larger operating costs - would still be restrictive in the setup of infrastructures and long term continued operation of - Which could effectively be placed into more productive ventures.

Someone elsewhere put forwards the ideas of floating structures parked possibly in international waters. That could easily and feasibly be scalable to a few thousand I'd wager. If designed modular and to spread the load across the total structure then it might be able to cope with a few tens of thousands of citizens. Else "small floating towns" can exist in clusters. It'd certanly give an ideal environment for testing certain technologies and principles prior to relying on them in space - like long term biostasis experiments, checking people can exist in close quarters wtihout murdering each other, etc. The largest concerns for such installations IMHO would be regular supplies, interwebs, and piracy. I doubt most nations would be eager to invade, and international diplomacy can arrange for "coverage" from several navies.