Nov 10, 17 / Sag 06, 01 13:05 UTC

How will Asgardia interact (in a military sense) with earth nations?  

How will Asgardia interact (in a military sense) with earth nations?

I realize what the official stance on the issue is, but....

Look, lets say that (hypothetically) Hitler were to rise again. Would (or should) we get involved? Yes, it is an 'Earthly' conflict, but it would be a worthy cause.

Just wondering.

Nov 10, 17 / Sag 06, 01 17:02 UTC

It's just to read your own Constitution... or you voted without reading it?

Nov 11, 17 / Sag 07, 01 15:40 UTC

Article 23. Security of Asgardia

  1. Asgardia shall maintain and safeguard its national interests, national security,  and the security of its resources on celestial bodies, in space, and on  Earth, using all its abilities, means, and resources.
  2. Asgardia shall monitor and forecast external and internal threats, and security risks (including space, military, political, informational, economic,  and environmental risks), and shall ensure that they are minimised or prevented, or that damage from the realization of such risks is minimised and their consequences addressed.

Section 2 of article 23 is pretty vague about it, but If a nation on earth did have a "Hitler" come to power and start another world war then the constitution doesn't forbid us from intervening, especially since such a nation could easily be perceived as an external threat. That said I doubt Asgaurdian Troops in the future would be getting ready to land on earth, our contributions would likely be in space. The reality is that Asgaurdia won't be in a position to even be able to support a military for quite some time. Even so with our small population Our military would likely be based mainly on defending our station and installations and really not have a ton of offensive capacity.

Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 23:33 UTC

In the event that the dead rise (hitler or some new evil power) the threat they pose on earth would in someway effect those of asgardia both in space and on land, we would have no choice but to respond in an equal and justified force, after all the preservation of human life is important