Jan 1, 18 / Aqu 01, 02 02:45 UTC

Police Use of Deadly Force  

Hello, my name is Paul Lovette and I am a candidate for parliament in the district 1. (https://asgardia.space/en/user/6562/profile/view/

In my recent blog post I hope to start a discussion on the use of deadly force by the police.  I live in the United States and would like to know how police in other countries conduct themselves.  Please visit my blog post here:  (https://asgardia.space/en/blog/22747-police-use-of-deadly-force/

In short, police in the United States can kill suspects because they THOUGHT the individual was reaching for a weapon.  My stand is that police can only use deadly force when they SEE a weapon.  Am I wrong?

Jan 1, 18 / Aqu 01, 02 06:27 UTC

I'm actually surprised that guns are used by the police in The Expanse (on Netflix) for people living on Asteroids.

Jan 1, 18 / Aqu 01, 02 20:19 UTC

On any space station or planetary out post projectile firing weapons I think would nt be very bright.  A round flying through the haul of a ship would end well "explosive decompression and all".  

Maybe beanbag shot gun rounds would be fine and still none lethal . Stun guns I can see also clubs. Deadly force I can yes yes but rarely . Not only that it's a lot harder to use deadly force without a gun. This isn't to say earthly instillations  shouldn't be armed with firearms . I am a gun fan  but guns in space is it's silly to me for a police force. Military may be different . 

Mar 18, 18 / Ari 21, 02 13:06 UTC

Not to sound like a jerk but have you guys ever thought if more advanced weapons and tatics?

Yeah a gun is excessive for a space station and stupid. Not if it's ion or photon weapons though. They would easily damage enemies but bit the building. Sout marks maybe. Not much else unless you keep heat away from it.

Mar 20, 18 / Ari 23, 02 20:24 UTC

Someone mentioned 'The Expanse". Do you remember the scene where 'dock workers' nailed a man to a wall using an air-powered mining tool? This occurred inside the asteroid's living space. No where near an exterior wall. The use of a 'bullet' wouldn't have pierced that wall.
Also, apparently, they have conquered the small issue of artificial gravity to some degree.

Paul, you have asked a most intriguing question: "How do police operate around the world?" Are there countries wherein the law enforcement agencies peacefully control or subdue those bent on destruction? Successfully, and without harm to bystanders?

Someone else suggested using 'clubs'. Some years back my 11-year-old daughter was killed when a a young man took a baseball bat to her head after his unsuccessful attempt to strangle her. So I'm suggesting that whatever is used to subdue a wrong-doer, the individuals MUST be trained to use the minimum force necessary.

Sep 24, 18 / Sco 15, 02 12:31 UTC

Implementing the space nation's laws in general must be a priority, so therefore policing the domestic affairs with appropriate measures and resources would be in the best interest of all of us.