Você is são a favor ou contra, e por porquê ?

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Feb 27, 17 / Ari 02, 01 21:59 UTC

Quem é a favor do serviço de proteção estratégica Asgardia! ? Are you for or against, and why?  

Prazer a todos Asgardianos

Acredito que todos nós sabemos o que acontece quando uma civilização avançada se depara com uma menos avançada, raramente partilham do conhecimento, muitas vezes elás as destrói, assim como os portugueses fizeram com os índios, e muitos humanos fazem até hoje, em diferentes cantos e povos mundo a fora. Não devemos esperar um ataque para se munir seja ele terrestre ou alienígena, devemos estar sempre preparados. Não quero acordar em uma manhã ensolarada, numa orbita solar e se deparar, com os meus irmãos e irmãs, mortos por causa da negligência humana, não quero que piratas espaciais venham da 'terra' e roube tudo o que construímos, isso requer tempo e treinamento, as maiores tecnologias Humanas foram criados em qual período pessoal? fácil dizer, porém temos que ser rápidos.Alias, ''Grandes poderes, vem com grandes responsabilidades''. Eu não quero uma guerra, muito menos muralhas, mas sim pontes que liguem nossos futuros em um só caminho, q deve ser trilhada basicamente de paz, ordem e progresso...

Ps: ''Do céu protegemos a luz da humanidade"

Ass: Cmd Willian Nascimento

Mod Edit English Translation - Pleasure to all Asgardians

I believe that we all know what happens when an advanced civilization comes across a less advanced one, they rarely share knowledge, often it destroys them, just as the Portuguese did with the Indians, and many humans do until today, in different songs and People world to outside. We should not expect an attack to provide either terrestrial or alien, we should always be prepared. I do not want to wake up on a sunny morning in a solar orbit and come face to face with my brothers and sisters, killed because of human negligence, I do not want space pirates to come from the 'land' and steal everything we have built, Training, the greatest human technologies were created in which personal period? Easy to say, but we have to be quick. Alias, '' Great powers, comes with great responsibilities. '' I do not want a war, much less walls, but bridges that bind our futures in one way, which should be basically traced to peace, order and progress ...

Ps: "From heaven we protect the light of humanity"

Ass: Cmd Willian Nascimento

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Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 08:43 UTC

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Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 11:34 UTC

The major flaw with the analogy you'd presented is we would be the more advanced civilisation - the evolution.

We've already got "their" knowledge, that's where we started from, It should be us with the "new" knowlege to impart. Especially once we really start with heavy research across a wide range of subjects.

With regards to "space priates" - within three generations of mass habitaiton existing outside of near Earth orbit then I would predict that there is a real risk of this becoming a real thing. The solution, as I see it, is to take away the excuses for such behaviours, and additionally ensure lack of success on attempts. When it comes to invading a floating platform, mutally assured destruction is incredibly simple to achieve - You can make sure no matter what, they are not getting it and anyone who tried dies. Such being the default reaction to loss of facility integrity should serve to discourage most from the attempt. Then consider the amount of "troops" a transport could feasibly bring in one haul, who would then be concentrated in a easily counterable point at the airlock(assuming we allowed them to pressurise it, and didn't just keep venting attempts to into space, or over pressurise it so when they open their airlock it either pops their ship off, or the pressure change screws up the biologicals). To actually curb the initial intention then give them whatever they want. Ask and it will be given, attempt to take and your life is forfeit. Don't even need to ask, just indicate you'd like it. To realistically consider the long term inhabitation of space, and to be able to attribute the resources to be able to sensibly do so, our space-based mining and production facilities would be feasibly capable of this provision at no particular detriment to ourselves, by virtue of using methods of exponential resource aquisition we should have far more than we can realistically use. By sharing our toys it makes it a lot harder to steal them, and easier to maintain peace and order long term. Such sharing - of knowledge, resources and materials - would form the foundations of this bridge of which you speak. It's hard to hate someone constantly giving you things you want/need and asking for nothing in return. Building amicable relations on top of that surely must not be difficult.

Realistically one would question why they would be allowed close enough to represent a viable threat - there's multiple non-lethal methods to prevent proximity, and if we're feeling less civilised the lethal methods available to prevent are also numerous. And there should be a lot of reaction time. Definitely if this vessel has been lifted from the floor, they'll be that worried about reducing weight there's unlikley to be any armour. A few burning lasers focused on fuel tanks would cause a RUD I'd wager, taking out their thermal dissipation systems - which need to be exposed to space - would cause them to shut down or cook themselves... between there and here we can slide something in their way to cause a collision... Systems used to intercept inbound warheads can be turned on inbound vessels... The ways you can achieve such means taken with the inability to defend against and the incredibly fragile transports suggests you're going to be require to be significantly retarded to board that transport for the attempt, and the cost of the attempt taken with it's assured failure should serve to prevent the initial order to board the transport.

Mar 5, 17 / Ari 08, 01 13:09 UTC

"English is the language used on most Asgardian forums",

It is the most used, but not the only one. As you have suggested, there is a translator.

Gracias por la sugerencia de tu materia. Obrigado pelo teu artigo. Nice