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Setup and Structure of an Asgardian Defence Force  

How should an Asgardian Defence Force be established? Should it be based on the structure of an existing or former military and how should individual services be broken down (ie, Army, Navy, Airforce)? What would the ranks of the service be? What would the chain of command look like? Will civilian and military justice systems be one and the same or different? These are questions that need to answered surely if Asgardia will protect and defend itself and humanity.

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El proyecto de Constitución prevée la existencia de una Flota Aeroespacial, cuyo componente principal será una plataforma de estaciones robóticas, URBACOPS.

A partir de aquí, es factible ir diseñando la futura flota aeroespacial


The draft Constitution foresees the existence of an Aerospace Fleet, whose main component will be a platform of robotic stations, URBACOPS. 

From here, it is feasible to design the future aerospace fleet

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Una posible organización de una Flota Aeroespacial sería una unidad de tamaño División (XX) formado por un Cuartel General y una serie de Batallones de URBACOPS. Existirían dos tipos de batallones:

1. Batallón de Vigilancia Espacial.

2. Batallón de Combate Espacial. 

El batallón 1 tiene como misión prevenir los peligros para la Tierra que vengan del espacio (meteoritos), del Sol (tormentas solares) y de la misma Tierra (guerra, desastres naturales, etc)

El batallón 2 tiene como misión la defensa del territorio espacial de Asgardia y de sus posesiones y ciudadanos mediante el uso de la fuerza.

{English} A possible organization of an Aerospace Fleet would be a Division-size unit (XX) consisting of a Headquarters and a series of URBACOPS Battalions. 

There would be two types of battalions:

 1. Space Surveillance Battalion.

 2. Space Combat Battalion. 

Battalion 1 has as its mission to prevent the dangers to Earth coming from space (meteorites), the Sun (solar storms) and the Earth itself (war, natural disasters, etc.) Battalion 2 has as its mission the defense of the space territory of Asgardia and its possessions and citizens through the use of force.

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Drones are fine an all but they have a hard time distinguishing between civilians an soldiers

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The way I'm looking at it is like this:

Standard security personnel, which would be the equivalent of beat cops, should be trained in de-escalation tactics and be equipped with weapons that pose a limited lethality, such as tasers and batons.  They should be trained to use these weapons only as a last resort.  Other training would be minor investigative skills, at least to secure a crime scene for the main investigative unit, and of course first aid.  I would also recommend mandatory martial arts training, specifically a martial art that involves grips and take-downs.

Unfortunately, there will also be situations where the standard security personnel will not be enough.  There should be a special unit on standby at all times to be dispatched to violent crimes in progress, such as mass shooting, terrorist attack, or hostage situations.  This unit should be trained and equipped for lethality, akin to military grade training, but with an emphasis on reducing collateral damage as much as possible.

Finally, only those psychologically stable should be granted posts in the security forces, and only those that have proven themselves to be reliable, trustworthy, and professional should be advanced through the ranks.  Meritocracy in this sort of organization is paramount.

Ranks should be few, with different levels to each actual rank to recognize years of service (more senior = more pay), with advancement between ranks purposefully difficult.

Just my take on the security organization.

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I am a little biase here please forgive me but as I see it Ireland is a small nation that has always been neutral and has probably the best record in the world as peace keepers I suggest as a defence force for asgardia we look towards the Irish structure and training and use it for our own with obviously a few tweaks here and there to suit our needs it would also work budget wise as the Irish government wouldn't have a big budget towards the military and it would suit our needs as a small but proud nation of asgardia

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English Translation: Set up two troops, responsible for space operations of the universe forces, and planets within the activities of the army

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