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The Guard Model - A Security Force for Asgardia  

Hello Everyone and my future people! I have seen quite a lot of posts about people talking about Asgardia having a military for defense. If you have seen a TV series called The 100. They have a Security Force known as the Guard, I was thinking we could have something like that. The Guard would maintain the law and to safe guard the life of the citizens of the station. The Guard would report to the members of the Council. Some of their duties would be: - Keep order among the population - The Defense of the station against any threat within or outside of the station - Standing watch for the Council The Guard and the People would be handle Crimes together. The Guard would only allowed to handle weapons on the station. For a population of say 600 000 citizens we would need about 50 000 Guards to safeguard our way of life of peace. Some structure of Guard would be ranks: Commander, Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Inspector, Guardsman, Cadet We will need a Security Force on the Station.

More to added over time.

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Es una buena propuesta, para irla planeando. De momento lo más realista sería formar la estructura a seguir, leyes y reglamentos. En base a eso ir implementado la educacion

Translation (from google) Swap to Spanish It is a good proposal, to plan it. For the moment, the most realistic would be to form the structure to follow, laws and regulations. Based on that to be implemented the education

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I really don't think basing our defence forces on a TV show where the writers couldn't be bothered to of done the most trivial of research is an incredibly wise idea. Whilst we're at it, we can try to be starfleet whilst capturing the best facets of star wars whilst maintaining the ethics found in the stainless steel rat?

It would make more sense to be focusing more on addressing the causes to be feeling constantly under threat or need of some sort of protection than construct of defense forces about now, considering we have no borders in which to "maintain the law" or "safe guard the life of the citizens" and will likely not feature any for quite some time. And when we do what makes you think there will be much disorder at all? As for station, one would be farcibly nearsighted and inviting disater by nature of providing a single point of failure to remove the entire nation. If we can sensibly build one for 700,000 we can build nine for 100,000, with modular expansion capacity to 900,000+ per station. And as mentioned in spanish, before any of this warrents consideration, you first need to define laws... regulations... Before we do that, we need to finish arguing on a form of government...

But being directly answerable to the people, the people also being the "council", is an essential feature, as is co-operation. The easiest way to assure co-operation is to train them very differently to the training enacted on earth now.

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Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 04:55 UTC

A generic security/defense force will be needed. Remember Asgardia is a space defence station for earth. We will need many people to maintain that. By having security units does not mean we are going to invade everyone we can, it simply means we will need to protect our station from any and all threats, foreign or domestic. So approach this topic from a logical point of view only. No political or emotional points of view.

I believe front line units will only need nonlethal tools only. Firearms should be only be in use at foreign intake locations/station arrival locations and should be locked up for security forces otherwise unless the station is attacked. (I'm a pro gun person but this is a frigging space station, don't want decompression)

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 13:25 UTC

Hi asgardia,

Great idea, I'm in every training protection including military,firs aid or medical training, emergency defense to protect earth (even from the earth and for future from the space) from anything like Aliens, any guests or enemies from the other planets, galaxies and... we have to not simple military training We are not just an simply training or education, perhaps, we have to get special trainings, I think we should also have a more private training than the special forces or army's because we are asgardian, not a simple soldier, Our job is not to arrest a thief or something in earth, we have to protect earth, Our real and important job is to protect the world, (from inside or for future outside the earth), if aliens from the other universes, Before the army of all countries ready for it, they weapons facilities are a thousand times more advanced from humanity army's, if you see science fiction movies, they have a great example from aliens how they can be dangerous for us, like star trek into darkness (khan Laser weapon) he made a man tow piece in kronos it's terrible, and Thor into the dark world (man's or enemies like malekith) if they coming, we never know it, before we wake up they army hunt us down and And they takeover whole world,

more terrible examples about aliens like: -the avengers (luki and his army, Chitauri), -Thor (in new Mexico, destroyer), -Avengers age of ultron (ultron robots army), -War of the worlds (2005), -edge of tomorrow (2014),

And more than close to us asgardia: -Independence Day: Resurgence: (they try to made a defense for protect earth.) ... this solution is we have to learn more that anyone else or army from aliens, they weapons, they armys, how are they fight, we have to ready and can fight and destroy them, If they are tough we have to be stronger and tougher than them, I'm sorry for take your time guys, but i have to say that.

I'm so want to be a military or special force in my whole life,this is my dream to be a solider, now i feel myself an asgardian solider or peacekeeper, Let's protect our humanity, our world asgardian solider's, One humanity, One unity, one Asgardia With love and respect...fatemeh ghodrari.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 04:41 UTC

We have not to setup a simple military.

The act of setting up a military would contravine the outer space treaty. Further it would directly violate founding Asgardian ethics of being a De-militerised base of scientific knowlege in space. It would also almost certianly encourage Earths conflicts into space.

Do you actually read the contents of a thread before posting? That's a rhetorical quesiton, the answer is quite obvious.

Yes there may be requirement for some generic defence forces, but Earth defences are likely to be automated. Invasion of another nation wouldn't be an option, and protection from threats can be mostly achieved by removing orbital debris. Foreign enemies, we will be out of their reach with any attempts affording more than sufficient mitigation times and there should be no domestic - To actually put together the resources to build a station(at which point, building one becomes simply retarded) then we're going to be solving a lot of the problems that lead to such a thing being a concept.

There's no excuse for firearms, even in the unlikely event that we've been unable to mitigate attempts to gain proximity and unable to mitigate attempts to dock and there's ground troops in the airlock(and we don't just vent their atmosphere into space) then they are focused and compressed into a tiny area. And heavily outnumbered. It's possible to mitigate any weapons technology they can be provided with, and simply remove them of their weapons and securely cable-tie them as they cross the threshold. Should we be feeling less civilised, then concentrated thusly they can be easily mowed. There's lethal as well as non-lethal means without projectiles.