Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 08:23 UTC

The U.S. is already gearing up for a space based war.

As I have stated in previous posts, the U.S. does not like competition. Due to the increase in space research and exploration goals of other nations, the U.S. feels its monopoly slipping and is already preparing for a space war. The claim is so the U.S. can keep space "accessible" to all.

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Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 11:42 UTC

Preparing for and engaging in are two different things.

I would hope that warfare doesn't escalate to space, because then no one would win. Listening to the actual video, it seems it was more about making certain that space remains open for everyone and that war doesn't reach space.

It was more a comment that 'let space remain peaceful or we'll have to attack people who try to militarize space.'

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 12:29 UTC

I know they are not engaging, merely preparing. It is why I said "gearing up" and not "mobilizing". I noted that the U.S. says its more precautionary and to maintain international access to space. But I cannot help but to feel there is more to it than that.The U.S. has a monopoly on space access, its not something they would give up lightly. I'm worried about what might happen if another nation (such as Asgardia) destroys that monopoly later down the line.

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 16:52 UTC


The thing is, before you can wage any way you first must prepare for it. The fact that the US is doing anything that prepares them for that possibility should be frightening enough and be quite telling of their ultimate goal. Besides, no one nation can effectively keep any other with a space program from reaching space. The attempt to do so would likely lead to hostilities and that would provide an opening for a nation intending to launch whatever it is they intend to launch into space. So, obviously the US's stated reason is bull shit the US always has an ulterior motive

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Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 17:40 UTC

So, obviously the US's stated reason is bull shit the US always has an ulterior motive

Yeah... I was with you up until this sentence. I recognize you are paranoid. In your life it has probably done its part to keep you alive and I hope it should continue so we can continue to converse.

If you step outside of yourself for a moment, I would like you to consider what the single sentence I quoted above says about the person who wrote the sentence. In my mind, it says, "Nobody is honest, especially not government, and everyone is only in it for themselves." I find that to be a sad viewpoint. From personal experience, I recognize that there are people like that, but not everyone is. It is a very sad and lonely place to be, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

I can't agree with the determination to which you have come. We will need to agree to disagree.


Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 22:52 UTC


You may not agree with me and that is fine but, I can offer you proof that the US government always has an ulterior motive. Remember the two Gulf wars and 9/11? The ultimate goal of each of those operations was to gain control over the oil in Iraq. The first two failed and so years later the 9/11 tragedy happens and the US goes to war under the Bush jr. administration. A president who's family made their fortune in the oil business. The public was told the terrorists were from Afghanistan. So US troops are shipped out to Afghanistan, then pull out of there to attack Iraq under the guise of searching wmds. Finding none but managing to find a man hiding in a six by six hole in the ground. After Saddam was executed chaos erupted in the middle east and oil prices as well as the prices of anything that uses oil as an ingredient in it's composition sky rocketed. Meaning Bush and his buddies in OPEC made billions of dollars, while the man supposedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks still drew breathe! Even though the entire point of the war was supposedly to bring Osama and his organization down.

Of course, by the time Osama had fallen Bush was out of office and laughing at folks for buying their obvious bs cover story for their actions. Well, you will believe what you want and what you want to believe is not the truth regarding my character. You call me paranoid but, the truth is I fear nothing, I while not subscribing to any religion believe in God and I also without question believe that he will always keep me safe. I have maintained that belief for over two decades and not once have I had any reason to be afraid. Also, not everyone is honest and the government does not have a track record with being honest that should inspire anything but questions regarding their true intent. The government has done horrendous things to people both with and without their consent. The MK-Ultra program being one example PRISM being yet another.

Not to be rude but so? That is not even my viewpoint! I am in all ways neutral, my viewpoint is one of neutrality. I let others show me what they are all about before deciding anything.

That is fine just, do not be so quick to trust a government known for not being honest with the citizens it is meant to serve. Without first questioning their true intent behind what the say and do. It is that blind faith in them that allows them to perpetrate the horrendous acts they do

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Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 19:10 UTC

Are you talking about the rumors of a alien eat fleet coming to earth? Dude I believe in aliens but why believe that? Maybe we pissed someone off but we would see mobilization right now. The most we seen is more ballistic missile a. Now if your referring to something else, then please tell me.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 05:29 UTC

Boonejohn97. No. I am not talking about some silly rumor about aliens. The link to what Navy Vice Adm. Charles A. Richard, deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command said is in the link to my original post. Please watch it before commenting.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 05:45 UTC

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Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 06:41 UTC

Odd sighting went biszzare and documents of listed aliens who visited and strangely the sighting matched some listed. The ships. I'm a believer and I don't act on it without evidence. And that's damn strange evidence. I dont think they are preparing for humans, but what do I know

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Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 14:26 UTC

Boonejohn97, this is not about aliens. 

Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 02:51 UTC

The U.S. has announced a new position in the military: Deputy chief of staff for space (A11).  

May 9, 17 / Gem 17, 01 11:06 UTC

@GVaderslice:  the US does not have a monopoly on Space access.  Russia has access as well.  In fact, before Space X started building their own crew transport, the only way American Astronaught could get into space was with Russian rockets after the Shuttle program ended.

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 14:18 UTC

Space Warfare has already existed, simply not in the form that many think regarding the topic. I believe that Asgardia's future depends on preventing any Earth Nation from spreading their pointless and endless unresolved conflicts of greed and over zealous wants into Space. Could you imagine what future repercussions for Humanity that would have, if Space ended up being heavily contested by separate nations still at war? If you've ever watched the discovery channel theories on other species fighting over influence on earth, it's best to ultimately strive to keep such theories as that, theories. But Humanity needs a revolution, that revolution being Asgardia's sole purpose of providing anyone who wishes to start a new, multi-cultural/ethnic, solely Human civilization, without those destructive lusts that most others have carried since the beginning of time.

Think about it this way. Humanity began with nothing. Eventually, they found out better ways to survive and manage. One example being farming. Eventually, farming became a way to control, because if you control excess food, you can sustain more people, thus you now have a following. Eventually, this gave birth to trading, currency, spheres of influence, power, control. This has sine been the way humans have lived, divided, in different groups, eventually causing wars, and territorial claims which leads us to modern day. Wars, Economics, Trade, all that has simply evolved with technology. We now must find a way to get past that. But it is imperative we establish Asgardia in a way that can also have enough soft power to influence a vast majority of Humanity to also prevent Space Races for wars. I think we have no choice in the matter if we're ever to survive.