Hi, its a simple idea but whilst I'm sure Asgardia will assemble task groups dedicated to security, it is important to pay attention to any security conscerns that Asgardian Citizens may encounter. I realised there needs to be a clearly marked place for this when I encountered what appears to be an online scam claiming to be "Asgardia's market place" but its clearly just ripping off the name and infringing on copyrights! However, I didnt know where to post it so I posted it un the businesses section seeing as it pertained to that topic... and also because I wanted to check if it was legitimate or not (I could have missed some information potentially) but after examining the site and all the things they claim to have access to, I strongly doubt their legitimacy.

There needs to be a part of the forum and a dedicated email address for any and all citizens to be able to report any inappropriate use of Asgardia's name, reputation, or any material belonging to Asgardia. Essentially what that site was and is doing is fraud. If you want i can repost the link to the site again but I have already done so in the other forum page.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more information, screenshots, or names.