Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 06:16 UTC

we need a space fleet  

necesitamos un space fleet, 3 railgun ships , is for security

Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 22:22 UTC

I'm in, if it's gonna be real, I'm here for this 

i want to protect our world, our nation, our countrys, humanity, in the earth as a asgardian soilder or security forces or anything like this,

this is my dream job in my whole life, and I wish found it in my new nation, protection and help people.

I love you asgardia,

proudly, asgardian soilder... :-)

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 00:15 UTC

In space we would need kinetic type devices that could be used as weapons if need be. space junk, defunct ships, etc. As far as stuff like rail guns i am all for it. We may be a nation of peace however sometime force is needed to ensure peace of ones nation.

Vote for me my brothers and sisters http://bit.ly/2uvOyAD 

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 21:20 UTC

Space fleet isnt a issue, it's the snowflakes here who think we will be safe in space and won't be threatened in anyway, but honestly we will. Space fleet is a good idea

Jul 10, 17 / Leo 23, 01 22:50 UTC

una flota de un par de barcos con una tripulación de unas 10 personas no para luchar como en los espectáculos de ciencia ficción o star wars sino armas capaces de reducir una ciudad a basura en una hora a base de bombardeo cinético y misiles nucleares ya sea de fisión o fusión, aunque en caso de que una legislación anti armas de este tipo se aplique por razones obvias ya que un disparo mal hecho puede ser incluso como una moab o en peores casos una fat boy necesitaremos defendernos a traves de misiles y armas laser , por lo cual para defender nuestros territorios necesitamos una flota convencional y otra que solo sean armas cinéticas sin mencionar que con la creación de la primera de estas naves otras naciones comenzaran a construir sus propias naves o hasta flotas en la órbita baja de la tierra.

A fleet of a couple of ships with a crew of about 10 people not to fight as in the sci-fi shows or stars wars but weapons capable of reducing a city a garbage in an hour a kinetic bombing base and nuclear missiles and sea of Fission or fusion, although in case that legislation against weapons of this type is applied for obvious reasons and that a wrong shot can be even as a moab or in worse cases a fat boy will need to defend us a beam of missiles and laser weapons, Therefore to defend our territories we need a conventional fleet and another that are only kinetic weapons without mentioning that with the creation of the first of these ships other nations begin to build their own ships or even fleets in the lower orbit of the earth.

Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 06:09 UTC

Research needed here. The latest in space going vessels are smaller than a bread box and capable of ionizing debris to clear it, etc. With nets of these and solar sails the experimentation will progress to larger, 3D printed items and particle beams. Why? Kinetics causes debris, debris risks ship integrity. Lots of research before you become an admiral, and we will probably find AI that performs better than human crew. 

Jul 22, 17 / Vir 07, 01 03:36 UTC

This wouldn't be a bad idea if we discovered an external threat but humanity should not use deadly force against humanity but only to outside variables that may one day make contact with the human race. A good defensive system should be put in place, not just for alien life ( even though the chances are very small) but also for asteroids and other potential space hazards. If possible an energy shield should be set up around each fleet ship and Asgardian Stations themselves to protect against the deadly environment of space.