Sco 07, 02 / Sep 16, 18 08:29 UTC

We need must respect equal race for our citizens  

We nation has a lot of race of people's. But we citizens is one nation ! Need respect equal citizens and alliances citizens ! So we need have citizens ship test can take up we citizens position at global! We citizens need some culture for study! Can't low culture for study! Thanks merci ! 

Cap 06, 02 / Dec 8, 18 04:32 UTC

Excellent comment certainly we are multi racial in asgardia and this commits us to value in an important way to each of our followers, residents and all Asgardians, we are a rich cultural mosaic that on the one hand can drive us to a more human look and at the same time there will be areas that have the tendency to be considered discriminated, without having to be like that; true what you aim, education will help us understand and otolerar the different remembering our motto: One humanity, one unit, we are Asgardia. (Member of the parliament of Asgardia District 4, citizenship committee)

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