May 9, 17 / Gem 17, 01 08:11 UTC

Re: Feeding the space nation?  

In my opinion, I think the primary focus should be on nutrition. While I agree the majority of our diet should be vegetables and fruits, there are certain other elements of nutrition that do not have an alternative such as fish. The important issue with the nutrition of fish is that it assists the body by allowing the joints to function properly as well as circulation functions and much more. While I think we may be able to find nutritional replacements for other meats, fish is unique enough it is very likely going to be irreplaceable, but very necessary due to its benefits in the body and the conditions for living in space.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 19:33 UTC

When it comes to food, there's no place for beliefs. Each of us knows what his/her body needs and it must be delivered. It would be probably hard time for some of us up there on some strange new space diets, but we'll eventually get used to it. Fish isn't a bad alternative for meat eaters, I think. Fish has already know how to live in almost no gravity environment. What are the actual problems about fish farming in space?

May 10, 18 / Gem 18, 02 01:42 UTC

Hello, fellows!

 I believe an effective way to produce food in space is using cellular agriculture.

 There are some companies that are producing meat in-vitro, eggs and diary using fermentation and tissue engineering. This could be more fittable to space environment, since all animals sent to space died from stress. We even have non-profit organizations that have programs to make researches of producing food in space.

I suggest you to read this page:

Sep 27, 18 / Sco 18, 02 19:22 UTC

What will the insects live on(don’t forget spiders etc). As they have exoskeletons and grow by shedding, their food requirements would be immense. Can we provide this so as to develop a finely tuned cycle?