May 17, 19 / Gem 25, 03 10:36 UTC

SPAM posts are getting out of hand again  

Is there any easier way to stop them? Please stop them if possible. Even if we had more people staffing the forums they could delete them faster. I know you get to them when you can, but it's usually several days. This is unusual for a this "Official" Asgardia website I would think.

Again, I understand it's difficult, but this could be a priority perhaps since you want money from us? Just an idea..

a Concerned Citizen

May 17, 19 / Gem 25, 03 10:44 UTC

Look at this. Last posts are Spam from 1 year ago still on the forum. Really?

Lol. I mean it's laughable. how can we expect ourselves to be a space nation when we can't communicate with the government easily, can't even clean up the spam posts on our own forum. I am not perfect man, i have a messy room, maybe we can both work on it.