So this person obviously didn't read the Constitution fully, and doesn't understand how implementation of a new nation works historically.  Igor is already Head of Nation, and the Constitution was made by at least 5 other people, with obvious help from lawyers.  

As for the start of a nation historically, it's better that it is a nation and not an empire setting forth provisions to seize space assets through military conquest.

Igor obviously doesn't want a mass vote to be able to disband the provisions of the Asgardian Constitution, or amendments thereof, so retains executive authority.  Also, he isn't a true King, as he is limited to being 82 years of age in office, and must set forth a successor a year before 82, and while his successor can be genealogical or any other condition, once set, Parliament can name up to 2 other potential candidates, which is ultimately decided by public referendum.

Also, you have to accept the Constitution before you can suggest amendments, so the person is essentially being a whiny child saying, "but this is how I want MY space nation to be", who obviously won't cooperate with recognizable authorities.  

Starting nations historically have been kingdoms due to people following a charismatic leader, and person wanting to colonizing space and other celestial bodies needs to have penultimate control over operations initially for it to be a success.  Could you imagine a public referendum over whether we send 2 kilotons of water to the moon before attempting to colonize it vs 200 kilotons, and having to wait for another referendum to correct that before the rocket takes off?  

Anyways, at first I was a little worried about the whole genealogical successor bit, but then I remembered why King's would name their son's  or daughter's as successors in the first place- It was because they would be inheriting their personal wealth, which is connected to the nation's wealth reserves.  All these people jumping on the band wagon want to say, well since I signed this constitution, or since I'm here, then Asgardia's wealth is collective in nature, when it's actually been set up and going to be bankrolled by Igor and friend's.  

Anyways, he isn't King in a true sense as he is going to set up a Parliament, Judges- who by the way are protected by immunity and set for 5 year intervals from deposing, so it's actually a nation by design, with a Commander in Chief as Head of nation. So if you've gotten to the end of this, you realize that just like any nation, intelligent ideas are going to be recognized and implemented, and only bankrolled into formation if Igor and friends want it.  To me this is a really good thing.  The other day I was calculating the US expenditure on military for the past 4 years.  It's over 2.5 trillion dollars. Could you imagine how advanced the US would be as a space nation if it disbanded the military 4 years ago and spent that 2.5 trillion dollars on space exploits?  The only domestic threat we have experienced in the last 4 years are domestic terrorism, which is prevented by the NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and TSA which is budgeted differently than general military.  

At least someone is serious about space, and I'd love to be a part of it.