Hi guys,

My name is Pantelis (it’s Greek), I’m 25 years old and I own a clothing company called Chao Bear Apparel (chaobear.com) based in Leipzig, Germany. I had a good year in 2018 and I was thinking of sponsoring an organization that would fight for a good and worthy cause as my own way of giving back to society. I know most people are cynical about “changing the world” but I enjoy these things and that’s the reason I joined Asgardia. When I first heard about it I laughed it off as something silly but then I realized the point of this organization. It’s not about creating a legitimate nation but to make people think of the larger issues like space exploration as something that directly affects them. Sure Elon Musk is cool but an ordinary person doesn’t feel like a part of what he’s trying to do and they don’t care about actually improving science and saving the planet. Asgardia hopes to change that by making every normal person out there feel connected to this crusade and to give them the drive to get involved despite their lowly position in global affairs. I’m embracing this message and I’m starting my own initiative as a private citizen.

I propose the creation of a lobbying agency that will fight for all the causes that align with Asgardia’s goal. Obviously I didn’t join because I’m looking to move into space, I’m a business owner who believes corporate initiatives can pave the way for space exploration instead of relying on the government. In order to get there though we need to protect a series of other things like Net Neutrality (so everyone can have access to information through the internet and educate themselves), Responsible A.I technology and last but not least renewable energy. If anyone here is interested in joining me they can find me on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/754657211583597/ or even better on Discord at: https://discord.gg/BHDwJUS

The group has multiple projects under way but the one I’m specifically in charge of is the internet governance project. As official ICANN advisor I can help you join organizations like the United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum, ICANN itself (we’re the agency that creates polices regarding domain registrations and much more) and the Internet Society. The point is to get as many people involved as possible not in our page but in real life policy making agencies out there and to use the page as a directory to find useful links. If you join you can propose other projects as well if you think they can help achieve the goals of Asgardia. Have a good day!