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Coconut Oil  

The topic of Natural and Holistic medicine is a favorite topic of mine. I often find myself studying topics for personal illnesses or for my family. So the information that I post has been tried. If you see it here, then I recommend it because it works.

This post is about Coconut Oil. Personally I have an aversion to the texture of oil in my mouth. Probably because when I was a kid my mom would punish me for saying bad words or lying, with castor oil. So I am not a fan of oil pulling, but some of you might. What works for me is to take a kleenex, wrap it around my finger, and take a smidgen of coconut oil on the kleenex and rub it on each tooth front and back. You can see the results instantly, no need to wait. Your mouth will feel better as well. Make sure to rinse your mouth after to take away any loose dirt from your mouth.

Here is a link that will give you some of the benefits of coconut oil related to your teeth. You are welcome to post information that you may have related to this topic here.

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What are the results supposed to be?

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Coconut oil is an amazing thing. I use it daily, in many ways, aside from cooking with it. Its a great skin moisturizer. Exceptionally soothing and healing for any irritations applied topically. I use it on my dogs topically as well, and they get a spoonful in their homemade food (I alternate with hemp oil).It makes a noticeable difference in their coats (I bet I have two of the softest Shiba Inus around) and also it is good for their guts. Another interesting thing is that a product derived from coconut oil, called Lauricidin, is used to treat Lyme Disease, which is a very big problem now especially in the northeast USA. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral - its good for SO many things. I rather like the way it tastes, so having a spoonful of it is easy. Try it next time you have a sore throat, drop some in some warm tea or just eat it straight off the spoon, it really helps. This time of year when its really dry, coconut oil is very moisturizing for skin. Put a bit on your palms and apply it lightly to hair as well. It really is one of my favorite natural products.