Welcome to the forum, fellow Asgardians! As the name of this board implies, the purpose of this forum is to offer a place where you can introduce your fine selves to the rest of the Space Nation. Please, don’t be shy and share as much as you want about yourself, as long as you feel comfortable with whatever detail you’d like to share. We strongly encourage you to post at least a brief introduction of yourself and let it be the first step in your online activities on the Official Asgardia Forum. If you are a veteran of the forum already, please be nice and welcome new participants to make them feel right at home! Please, maintain a friendly atmosphere at all times. This is a place where we welcome Asgardians around the world; inappropriate behavior might result in you being banned from the forum.

Example of topics that belong in Welcome:

  1. Only personal introductions are allowed here. Anything else might be moved or deleted.

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