Feb 15, 17 19:04 UTC

ANN the Asgardia News Network  

Asgardia News Network Proposal

The idea here is to develop a centralized hub for internally generated media. We are going to need dedicated journalists to produce articles on a regular basis. Input?

Feb 16, 17 15:44 UTC

Although I'm not fond of the initials, (my ex-wife's name was Ann..lol), I love the concept! That's always something that I personally enjoy is keeping up-to-date with what's going on. There's never enough communication, and as we grow, we're most likely going to have many different areas of topics that will be worked on. It'll be nice to keep up with news from Asgardia! Definitely will need columns for each of the ministries.

And I'm only joking about the initials. You could do some fun stuff with graphics design for them.

Apr 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 01:25 UTC

4-6-2017 (G): I am putting the finishing touches on ANN. I expect to launch the initiative within the week.

The ANN is an internal news group, similar to an associated press. Articles will be available to the general public, however commenting will be disabled. We expect you to share the articles externally, for comment and informative purposes.

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Apr 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 15:18 UTC

Thumb Up!

Apr 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 15:57 UTC

waiting the project haha 

Apr 23, 01 / Apr 17, 17 16:11 UTC

@Ryan - you announced the ANN today https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/ann-asgardia-news-network-153/topic/submit-an-article-to-the-ann-4925/ , but to be honest I´m a bit surprised with the statement:

The ANN was designed to begin generating print media from within the community

Are we really going to produce printed media? Today? Why? Would be easier to reserve 2-3 pages in Room then. Please could you explain the meaning of such decision? Thx.

Apr 23, 01 / Apr 17, 17 16:15 UTC

Still thinking about it - I expected online coverage + online magazine, not old fashioned paperwork.... ;o)

Apr 23, 01 / Apr 17, 17 16:21 UTC

"print" just means articles written out, as opposed to audio or video.

At least, I am pretty sure he means that.


Apr 23, 01 / Apr 17, 17 16:52 UTC

Hi @Phicksur - are you really sure? Room also have online and printed versions...

Apr 24, 01 / Apr 18, 17 08:38 UTC

my, eco topic, print ANN pancake or cookie with edible ink, then u have both snack & news(saw it in some fashion district), don't make our ecofriend friends worry