Dec 22, 16 18:47 UTC

Asgardia Sports Journalism  

Hello Asgardia,

Which sports leagues do you think we should cover? What interests you?

Dec 22, 16 20:37 UTC

I really like soccer! CAF especially and world cup

Dec 22, 16 21:15 UTC

I proposed these would be the National Asgardian Sports:

Soccer / Football, the most popular sport in the world.
Cricket, The second most popular sport in the world.
Basketball, The Third most popular sport in the world.
The Olympics, Seasonal when the event is going on.
Sports world records in all forms, This is quite obvious.

But also Tech Sports:

Formula 1, the most popular tech sport.
Moto GP, The second most popular tech sport.
Drone Racing, we believe drone racing is the tech sport of the future and we aim to bring it to the Asgardian masses.
Robot Sports, Just the general highlights of robot sports, since this is a growing phenomenon.
E-Sports, Just the general highlights of E-sports...

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Dec 28, 16 22:22 UTC

Nice to see that E-Sports are mentioned. Perhaps if we break sports journalism down into different categories and have multiple people covering each one? (Eg, Traditional, E-Sports, Tech-Sports) If we're using online platforms to broadcast news it would be easy to cover multiple sports and people wouldn't miss out on the ones they want.

Dec 29, 16 19:07 UTC

Ultimate Frisbee would be appreciated too!

Jan 19, 17 23:23 UTC

I know it's been awhile since anyone posted in this thread, but no martial arts? I'd at least like the most popular ones to be covered.

Jan 26, 17 21:27 UTC

Thank you all for your input! We will use this list to begin compiling our sources. Feel free to continue to add to it. :)

Jan 27, 17 03:47 UTC

Where is the Rugby?

Jan 27, 17 11:04 UTC

Hmm zero gravity sports might require a new concept of playing field. Chess for me, although my level is rather low. Perhaps I could trick an international master with an unusual plan.

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Jan 28, 17 17:15 UTC

Why are we covering terrestrial sports at all?

Jan 29, 17 23:57 UTC

non-gravity sports might contain quidditch? ;)
Jason: Rugby was not in the top 5 of most popular sports on earth.

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Jan 30, 17 09:43 UTC

Hi asgardia, I am Athleter (bodybuilding, fitness) i love what I do. Have a good day asgardia.