Nov 10, 17 / Sag 06, 01 18:21 UTC

Any other Vegan Asgardians?  

I've been Vegan for a few months now, i hope Asgardia will grow space soy one day :) 

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 23:56 UTC

Votefor me to become the minister for food and I will grow them

Dec 3, 17 / Cap 01, 01 09:02 UTC

Hi, I am vegan too,
I'm Member of Iranian Vegetarian Association, Greenpeace And LeonardoDiCaprio Foundation
-Activities And Challenges in the fields of Veganism, Save the Earth, Protect Animals and Humans Right in Social media. (For Now sharing informations About it, in My Personal blog page.) Thank you for made it this topic. 😊🙏

Dec 5, 17 / Cap 03, 01 04:49 UTC

Congrats on making the transition.

I would love to be able to do so, but there are so very few fruits and vegetables that I like.
Color me jealous!

Dec 8, 17 / Cap 06, 01 18:35 UTC

Soy is actually not the best product to grow in space, we would be better off with mushrooms and algae, as algae helps pull more CO2 out of the air, as well as producing more O2. Which makes it very efficient for space. Currently a lot of nutrients grown for the ISS use algae, mushrooms would work well as they do not need light, and they prefer the cold, so it would cost less energy to get our protein from mushrooms.  Mushrooms and algae also can be cultivated in a more dense concentration due to space needed.