Are aliens a valid topic of Asgardia?

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87.5% Yes

4.2% No

8.3% Maybe/I don't know

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 03:31 UTC

Are aliens a valid topic for Asgardia? (and moderation issue)  


A mod stopped comments on an Alien thread, and scheduled it for removal.
Said that should contact a group admin -- which presumably he is.
However this forum doesn't seem to have any kind of private-message feature.
So I'm posting here.

He then accused it of being a conspiracy theory and linked to the code of conduct. However the code of conduct makes no mention of conspiracy theories, aliens, or controversial topics.

In fact, I don't believe it to be a conspiracy theory at all, considering the Russian prime minister went ahead and admitted there are aliens, and their number is so great that it might cause a panic if he was to disclose the number:

(By the way, Men in Black that he refers to is a Russian Documentary, )

There are vast amounts of pictures, videos, and reports of Gray Aliens (among others), so to deny all that evidence, would be the same as denying that the Earth is round. Sure you can't see the Earth is round when your standing on the ground (unless you know what to look for), but there is plenty of evidence that it is.
Of course, I am completely willing to continue the thread under the premise that it is hypothetically and not necessarily true.

So for instance if at least some of the evidence was indeed legitimate, or a similar situation may arise, it is would still be highly useful to have talked about what our policy is regarding aliens.  Particularly those kinds of aliens which we have large amounts of evidence for -- even if some people disagree with its veracity, as they disagree with climate change.
I hope that this was simply perhaps an overzealous application of moderation privileges, I know there is often an ebb and flow, and it is good to find a proper balance.  I hope you choose that yes, aliens are a valid topic for the Space Nation of Asgardia.

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Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 11:47 UTC

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Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 20:51 UTC

Hi Jason Rainbow, 

Again, there is nothing on the concept page that opposes discussing aliens. 

"Asgardia's philosophical envelope is to ‘digitalise’ the Noosphere"

Well aliens are definitely part of the noosphere.

"In Asgardia we are all just Earthlings!"
Plenty of Grays live in the Earth, so technically are also Earthlings.

Hi Clive,  

Grays never needed to develop much information technology, because they have brains with good telepathic capacity. So Grays never needed an Internet as we have it. Of course that 12 billion is also spread out over several planets, at least Earth and Mars, but possibly also Ceres and Europa.

There are  of course numerous homo-sapiens that are either contactee's, channel Grays or have been Grays in past lives.
For instance I remember my past lives, and immediately before this lifetime I was a Gray for three lifetimes.

Life as a Gray mostly revolves around the primary job of that model. So for instance, when I was born as an exploratory miner, my brain was geared with large navigational areas and a preference to be alone and looking at rocks. So the majority of my life I spent walking around deep cave networks looking for various precious gems and other minerals which were necessary for the hive.  Since I was cold blooded, I only needed to come back to the hive to eat once a week or two.

I'm certain I never saw any keyboards, most things were telepathic control.  Though nowadays with the hybridization program in full swing, and co-operation with several governments and black ops projects around the world,  perhaps there are some.

Anyways my main point with the Grays is that we will never be genetically superior to them, but we can be technologically superior,  particularly by having robot space colonies. Also this galaxy is so old, that you aren't going to find any uninhabited liquid water planets in the goldilocks zone. They Grays main innovation was living underground, is why they have become so prolific in the galaxy, they can live outside the goldilocks zone, though still need liquid-water. 

As I mentioned in another thread  the first real Asgardians will be satelittes (a form of robot), so it makes sense for them to be at least honourary citizens of Asgardia.  Which would pave the way for "delivering the benefits of using space for creating new goods and services, and financial resources." (from the Concept page).

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Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 23:34 UTC

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Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 14:37 UTC

Already exist an official global represntacion to talk with the ET (UNOOSA that belongs to the UNO). We should not centre ourselves on this topic though it is a very exciting topic.

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 09:00 UTC

The aliens have news! Maybe dr. Igor Ashurbeyli is an alien! We do not know! It can be in human silhouette. Space technology. It may be cloned.

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 15:02 UTC

I really can't believe they stopped you talking about aliens... having a lot of them among Asgardia too.
(I'm referring to the ones who are able to change the Constitutional draft in the meantime it's voting on it, and to extend the voting period without a decree, at the same time breaking two of them... that's "alien" at least to logic, if not to law... but, reading @stryx's words, it seems it's alien to law too)

We have well proven evidences that aliens are among us.

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 15:34 UTC

Sorry, Jason, I was speaking of aliens.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 16:02 UTC

Ah... wait... I could be terribly wrong then: would you be so kind to point me where, in the thread, "extraterrestrial" aliens is written, please?
The only post which mentions this word it's yours. All other posts are about "Men in Black", "gray aliens" and so on. Even the thread's title misses that word... but it doesn't fail to mention "moderation issue": is yours kind of that?

Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 14:11 UTC

Sure, Jason, just let me tell you've been the only one, able to take my initial post (obviously a joke) as "trolling", thus demonstrating that "aliens are here".
By the way, the same as "extraterrestrial" word, I'm missing art. 2 point (e) into the CoC, hoping that, as it happened to the Constitutional draft, we're not looking into two different versions.
At last, even if I appreciated your way to argue, I feel we had too much "alienity" into this thread, so I'm leaving it to others, more informed, citizens (maybe too busy, laughing at us, to write more).

I answered you, here and previously, as a sign of respect, a due courtesy, not "just for trolling".

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Sep 29, 17 / Sco 20, 01 17:08 UTC

Yes, I believe it is a valid topic.  We would be Homo Centric if we thought that we were the only intelligent species in the entire universe.  I believe there is life out there. Whether it is intelligent or not. We just have to be prepared if we find it. Lifeforms could be dangerous, as in illnesses and such things should be quarantined, as well as those who bring it back, until we know it is safe.  For intelligent life, it will be a shock, we will have nothing in common.  We might have to use Math as a common starting point and build from their.  Extraterrestrials, may or may not be friendly and a misunderstanding could very easily happen.  We should be ready to defend ourselves, but not "shoot first and ask questions later".  

Oct 2, 17 / Sco 23, 01 14:50 UTC

but not "shoot first and ask questions later"

It seems your Head of Nation is trying to place "armed platforms" in space (Const. art. 25 pt. 2): is it done for "peace in space"?
The use of "intelligent", related to our specie, is also debatable, while looking at what's happening in the world.
And, yes, as @Dirk Baeyens correctly stated, alien civilties made whole stars to explode just to make "smoke signals" for us... and we're so incredibly "intelligent" that we even didn't understood it. ;-)

@Dirk Baeyens
Are you suggesting we should do the same, to answer them?