<3 celebrate 2017 Asgardia <3

Last year we are just be a part of our country we live in, This year we are part of the first space nation, what a wonderful event, Personally I feel myself special and lucky To be a part of 100.000 The asgardian's First people in History, This year (2017) this nation/we have a satellite in The earth orbit, Who knows, maybe next year or a few years later we have a training center or academy place for learning about space and...somewhere in the earth or it can be in Ocean, I don't know, we already being to be a part of First space nation big family, I'm so glad to know you'll this year, What an honor to going to new year as an asgardian with you love one's, let's build a nation together As an asgardian And Happy New year everyone, Love you'll and let's cheers to asgardia together. ❤️‍ 🍻 🍷 🍸 god bless you Igor Ashurbeyli and all asgardian's around the world, From an asgardian girl To all asgardia, Fatemeh Ghodrati.