Hi everyone!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Just a thought that I had while talking to my friend about Christmas. As she is a Christian she celebrates the birth of Jesus and that's a symbolic event in the religious calendar. Many people who are not Christian also celebrate the Christmas holiday as a way of giving presents and spending time with family.

I was thinking as Asgardia isn't one religion, or impartial to religious beliefs, would Christmas be classed as a holiday as it is symbolic to the Christian calendar, or as it is now more widely celebrated it would be incorporated into what we would celebrate also?

This would also lead to me questioning traditions such as thanksgiving, we do not celebrate that in the UK but almost everyone in the US does celebrate (although it is not a religious holiday, many people say thanks and give back).

What are your thoughts on holiday celebrations, different countries which celebrate different events and religious holidays? :)

Have a great day!