Sep 13, 17 / Sco 04, 01 08:22 UTC

Introducing the truth  


Since this is my first entry I just want to give a brief description about me and my thoughts.

Since I was 7 years old I started my search to understand life and the world around us. By now I've greater a whole religious system by myself.

Main point is that our earth is a living being we are part of as mitochondria are part of our cells.

Human beings are 4 dimensional beings, living in space and time. As such no human has the possibility to imagine anything outside of space and time. They are not only our physical but also our mental borders. For our existence they are above all else.

I'm not saying there is no God! But there are many. Each planet by itself is a god in its own way some with life some without. But still they are living beings!!! Not in the ordinary way a human would imagine but in a higher sense.

Same is true for our sun.

What is born and dies, is ALIVE!

We are living in a world corrupted by thoughts of a few who think themselves rulers of human kind. 

I hope asgardia won't be corrupted like the rest of governments.

I hope I can contribute for a better future!!!

I will post more infos on my beliefs which are based mainly on science and understanding for those interested in my blog

Sep 13, 17 / Sco 04, 01 08:30 UTC

Welcome to Asgardia LostInDarkness.